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Twitch streamer Amouranth reveals the jaw-dropping amount of money she makes every month
Featured Image Credit: Full Squad Gaming/YouTube

Twitch streamer Amouranth reveals the jaw-dropping amount of money she makes every month

Your daily reminder you're in the wrong job

For your daily reminder that you're in the wrong job, Amouranth is here to reveal the jaw-dropping amount of money she makes every month.

The 29-year-old, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, has made quite the name for herself in recent years, not only on the adult subscription site OnlyFans, but also as a gamer.

In fact, she was named the most-watched female Twitch streamer in 2022 for the second year running.

So it'll come as no surprise that she draws in some serious bank with her various ventures.

Jake Lucky, an e-sports news reporter and YouTuber, decided to ask Amouranth the million dollar question: exactly how much money are we talking?

After running the numbers, she reckons she makes about $100,000 from Twitch alone... that's 100,000 big ones for live streaming from her hot tub and gaming.

Talk about living the dream.

And if that didn't make you jealous enough, she went on to reveal that this figure isn't a patch on what she's making on OnlyFans.

"OF is like $1.5 million a month," she says. "So there's a big difference."

While Jake's busy choking on his drink, his co-host goes on to ask why she continues to stream when she makes so much money elsewhere.

"I do kind of enjoy it," she replies. "But, for the most part, Twitch is a billboard that I get paid to advertise on - it's a funnel, you know.

"Social media will often just shadow ban a bunch of sexy content, you know, so it's like your reach is really nuked on every other platform except Twitch."

And her revenue doesn't end there either, as Amouranth has made some smart investments of late which boost her profits even further.

Fans of the online star may know that she recently bought a couple of gas stations in a move that seemingly came out of nowhere.

But the decision has proven successful, as it's provided her with a good chunk of passive income.

"I guess to a normal type of 9-5 person like I was before streaming, I would say it's pretty cool because I think the profit's about $85,000 a year and I don't have to do anything," she explains.

What's more, Amouranth says that it 'helps to lower taxes too' as she can 'just deduct the cost of the building' from her yearly income.

The revelation has sent social media into a frenzy, with many people joking that they're going to switch careers after hearing about the eye-watering amount of money she makes each month.

Amouranth makes more money each month than most make in a lifetime.

"Time to identify as woman and start an OnlyFans business," quipped one, while another said, "I’m in the wrong industry."

Others were just impressed by her business skills, with one describing the gas station venture as 'pretty cool'.

Another wrote: "I can’t say it’s unexpected due to her grind she’s done for the past 3-5 years but holy s**t... I couldn’t imagine making like anything near that."

Same here, pal, same here.

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