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Twitch streamer hits out at boycotters who are bullying people for playing Hogwarts Legacy

Twitch streamer hits out at boycotters who are bullying people for playing Hogwarts Legacy

Twitch streamer xQc has spoken out about people harassing streamers playing Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy.

Twitch streamer xQc has spoken out about people harassing streamers for playing the Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy.

As a result of a series of tweets shared by J.K Rowling on gender identity leading the Harry Potter author to be accused of transphobia, many fans have called for the boycott of the recently released video game Hogwarts Legacy.

Recently, Twitch streamers Shelby and Matt, a.k.a. Girlfriend Reviews, got their hands on the game on launch day and streamed themselves playing it, and it's fair to say not everyone was pleased.

Fellow Twitch streamer, xQc - real name Felix Lengyel - has since spoken out against the criticism for playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Despite Shelby and Matt not paying for the game and using the stream to raise money for the Trevor Project - an organisation that provides 24/7 crisis support services to young LGBTQ+ people - they faced intense backlash, so much so that Shelby was reportedly reduced to tears and forced to leave the stream.

Addressing people's anger at those who are purchasing the game, xQc argued: "People fund all sorts of evil with their purchases across the board in way worse ways than you can even imagine."

During his own streaming of the game, xQc continued: "Now you’re trying to make people feel bad for f**king purchasing a video game? Bro, you need to s**k my balls. F**king libt**d andys."

xQc has spoken out the backlash people are facing for choosing to play 'Hogwarts Legacy'.
xQc/ Twitch/ Portkey Games

And he isn't the only streamer to have defended gamers playing Hogwarts Legacy.

In a recent video, YouTuber Asmongold said: "People just want to play a video game, they don’t give a f**k!

"They’re a school bus driver and they have to deal with sh*t all day everyday, you think they want to come home and read about how they’re a bad person, because they’re playing a video game?"

He then went to compare the situation to people refusing to watch the World Cup in Qatar, which he said is 'is totally fine if it's your own prerogative'.

Asmongold has also spoken out against the boycott.
Asmongold TV/ YouTube/ Portkey Games

He continued: "The problem is whenever these people are so self-righteous that they think they have the moral authority to sit around and tell everybody else what they have to do too. And then they try to shame other people for enjoying something."

However, some have remained resolute in their attempts to boycott the game, with one person arguing that shaming 'is actually a very efficient and valid way to express dissatisfaction on some issues'.

The user continued: "If there is shame to be had, then maybe some more introspection is necessary, don't you think? If one feels shameful, maybe it means one understands the issue."

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence contact Mindline Trans+ on 0300 330 5468. The line is open 8pm–midnight Mondays and Fridays and is run by trans volunteers

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/XQC/Portkey Games

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