Twitch chat pushes streamer to tears for playing Hogwarts Legacy

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Twitch chat pushes streamer to tears for playing Hogwarts Legacy

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People have been left divided after a Twitch streamer was reduced to tears over playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Streaming couple Shelby and Matt a.k.a. Girlfriend Reviews got their hands on the video game on launch day.

Excited to show followers what the game looks like in more detail, the pair took to Twitch to livestream them playing it, however, the reaction wasn't what they anticipated.


Hogwarts Legacy has been eagerly awaited by many Harry Potter fans, although it's also faced intense backlash - with many people calling for it to be boycotted because of it apparently helping line the pockets of JK Rowling.

While some have argued for the separation of an artist from an artwork, some have stood firm in their views that by playing the game, one is endorsing the comments Rowling has publicly made surrounding gender identity, which have lead the author to be accused of transphobia.

Matt and Shelby faced abusive comments during their livestream of Hogwarts Legacy as a result, with a recording revealing Matt resolving to go offline after 'barely' making it into the second combat because of the conversation 'bothering' him.

"Maybe we can do a quick be right back, or a little break or something," Shelby added, before later dissolving into tears.

When announcing they were going to play the game on stream to Twitter, they said that they saw 'a lot of you not feeling this choice'.

They continued: "If you go to our stream you’ll see we are raising money for the Trevor Project while we play this game we spent no money on. We’ll play it (again, for free) so you can know how it is without having to!"

People have flooded to Twitter conflicted over the comments of those who oppose the game and who attacked the Twitch streamers.

Some argued there are 'more effective ways to support Trans Rights than by 'bullying' someone for playing the game.

One user said: "There are more effective ways to support #TransRights than to bully and harass content creators who want to play a game that means a lot to them. I grew up with Harry Potter and Hogwarts, I am also interested in playing the game...doesn't mean I support JK Rowling's views..

"I support people who want to boycott the game. I also respect people who want to play the game and not join in on the boycott because it's not a cause they are passionate about. There's other ways to get a message across, other than shaming, harassing, and bullying ppl online.

"I support trans people and their fight for equality. But the vitriol and negativity being thrown at people who want to relive their childhood through a video game is a bit much and counterproductive to the overall cause they are fighting for."

While another said: "Ah, bullying innocent people who are just trying to have fun playing a game, definitely the way to get people to support your cause."

People have been left divided over the treatment of the Twitch streamers. Credit: @Dexerto/ Twitter
People have been left divided over the treatment of the Twitch streamers. Credit: @Dexerto/ Twitter

However, others remained resolute the game should be boycotted.

One said: "Shaming is actually a very efficient and valid way to express dissatisfaction on some issues. If there is shame to be had, then maybe some more introspection is necessary, don't you think? If one feels shameful, maybe it means one understands the issue."

“You also casually put money in the pockets of people who fight against them, but uh, whatever you do you I guess. Yeah HP was cool and all but I haven't spent a dime on it since she showed her true colors. It's not difficult,” another added.

While a final resolved: “If people want to play it’s their own prerogative. JK did say she sees sales as supporting her and her views so many are cutting ties with good reason. An effective way to support trans rights is not to give those who profit off their bigotry further money.”

UNILAD has contacted Girlfriend Reviews for comment.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence contact Mindline Trans+ on 0300 330 5468. The line is open 8pm–midnight Mondays and Fridays and is run by trans volunteers

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