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Grimes criticised for saying she couldn't afford house without Elon Musk's help

Grimes criticised for saying she couldn't afford house without Elon Musk's help

She's received some backlash for the comments...

Grimes has been criticised for saying that she couldn’t afford a house without Elon Musk’s help.

The Canadian musician, 34, took to Twitter on Monday to raise awareness of the rising property prices in Austin, Texas where she urged her followers to sign a petition to reduce housing costs.

The performer, born Claire Elise Boucher, wrote: “My fellow Texans! Petitions can feel useless but I guarantee local politicians are taking these seriously.

“Plz sign to reduce housing costs in Austin. There’s effective legislation on the table here but we need public support.”

Grimes has been campaigning about house prices in Austin, Texas.
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However, being that Grimes shares two children with Elon Musk - the richest American with an estimated net worth of $250bn (£233bn), as per Forbes - some followers did not take lightly to her ‘opinion on the housing market’.

One user, @bit_of_doge, tweeted in response to a string of housing-related posts: “Grimes you are set, your opinion on ‘the housing market’ is invalid.”

To this, Boucher responded, explaining how she couldn’t afford a home in the city for her growing family on her own.

“First of all, I couldn’t afford to buy a house that fits my kids in Austin atm without help from their dad which is INSANE cuz I’m a p successful artist,” she said. 

“Secondly, these aren’t my opinions, I’ve just agreed to help out some actual experts/policymakers.”

The musician has since received backlash from the tweet, both from the original commenter in question and from others.

“That's what I'm meaning, their dad will help and get it done. You're set,” @bit_of_doge tweeted to her once again.

Meanwhile, another onlooker added fuel to the fire, writing: “She can’t afford the multi million dollar home she wants,” while someone else penned: “Sell your house in Pasadena, CA. You own TWO now…? Privilege.”

“You could, you’d just have to pay a monthly mortgage like us common folk,” a different social media user added.

However, others have backed up the music mogul for her concern for those who have not benefited from the same privilege as her in relation to her finances and home life.

One person took to her defence, tweeting in response: “She's trying to help people that aren't rich, bro. You know most people aren't, right?”

Another fan stated: “Dude, you’ve totally missed the point. She doesn’t want to have to rely on him or his money. Also it’s not ok to assume someone’s financial situation. She’s just trying to help.”

Grimes shares two children with Elon Musk - the richest American according to Forbes.

Grimes also stated that she tweeted about the petition because she was ‘worried’ about those living in the city.

“I’m not worried about me,” she explained. “I’m worried about the citizens of Austin. I’m using myself as an example of the extreme wealth needed to live comfortably here which wasn’t the case in the near past.”

UNILAD has contacted a representative of Grimes for a comment.

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