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Man Worth $300 Million Is Unimpressed As Logan Paul Tells Him His Bank Balance

Man Worth $300 Million Is Unimpressed As Logan Paul Tells Him His Bank Balance

Real estate entrepreneur, Grant Cardone, is not phased at all by Logan Paul's bank balance

Real estate mogul Grant Cardone, who is worth more than $300 million, humbled Logan Paul when the YouTuber told him his bank balance.

In an episode of Paul's widely-watched podcast Impaulsive, the 27-year-old YouTuber and social media personality sat down with Cardone to discuss all things money.

Cardone, 64, is widely known for his bestselling book The 10X Rule, as well as dabbling in public speaking and sales training for people in business and entrepreneurial fields.

Among some of his many achievements lies his whopping $5 billion (approx £3.8 billion) portfolio of assets in the real estate and the auto industry.

Logan Paul.

Paul discusses entrepreneurialism with Cardone and offers him the platform to spread 'the knowledge about how to acquire and maintain wealth, happiness, and success'.

But much to everyone's surprise, Cardone had a pretty interesting reaction when Paul told him his bank balance.

After some discussion about their respective business ventures, Cardone asks Paul: "How much you got in the bank right now?"

Grant Cardone.

Paul immediately responds: "A lot," to which Cardone pushed for a specific number.

After some slight hesitation, Paul eventually whispers his bank balance to the multi-billion dollar business mogul.

Cardone, whose net worth is more than $300 million (£230,431,500), simply responded: "Okay, so..." in a very matter of fact and unimpressed way.

Paul immediately came to his own defence, almost embarrassed at Cardone's lack of reaction, saying: "Hey! It's a lot for me!"

Logan Paul is said to have a net worth of over $45 million.

A chorus of laughter fills the room as another podcaster chimes in: "[Cardone's] like, 'That's my jet fuel'."

Another follows suit in doing an impression of Cardone, saying: "I spent that on dinner last night."

Slightly humbled, Paul says: "It's not that much, I guess," as he coyly looks into the camera.

Offering business advice, Cardone explains to Paul: "You should never have money in the bank."

Cash is Trash podcast episode.

Seemingly-odd advice to give as a business-savvy role model, but Cardone went on to say that you should 'only buy things that produce cash flow that can't be disrupted'.

When pressed for examples, Cardone reveals: "The real estate that I buy is indestructible."

Titled Grant Cardone's billionaire advice: Cash is Trash, the podcast episode has since gained more than 1.2 million views and nearly 30k likes alongside thousands of comments.

Cardone laughed as Paul told him his bank balance.

While many flocked to the comment section to champion both Paul and Cardone's success – "Please bring more people like Cardone to the IMPAULSIVE. Gaining a lot of knowledge and ideas from him" – others were not as convinced.

One wrote, "A scam artist is part of one of the biggest scams in modern history…classic."

Another added, "Be careful what you learn from him," while a third commented, "Grant really knows how to work the system."

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Featured Image Credit: Impaulsive

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