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Emily Ratajkowski called out after saying getting divorced before 30 is 'chic'

Emily Ratajkowski called out after saying getting divorced before 30 is 'chic'

The model's words of reassurance comes after Joe Jonas files for divorce from Sophie Turner

Emily Ratajkowski has been called out after saying she thinks getting divorced before 30 is ‘chic’.

The model took to TikTok to say: “It seems that a lot of ladies are getting divorced before they turn 30.”

Ratajkowski’s video comes after Joe Jonas, 34, filed for divorce from Sophie Turner, 27, after four years of marriage.

Lodged yesterday (6 September), Jonas’ legal documents obtained by the Daily Mail say ‘the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken'.

Ratajkowski herself filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard in 2022, after marrying the producer when she was aged 26 in 2018.

And the now 32-year-old wrote on TikTok: “Personally I find it chic to be divorced by the age of 30.”

She went on to say: “Being in your 20s is the trenches, there is nothing better than being in your thirties still being hot, [writing *having boundaries], maybe having a little bit of your own money, figuring out what you want to do with your life – everything.”

Ratajkowski says that after having ‘tried that married fantasy’ you may realise it’s ‘not all it’s cracked up to be’.

Ratajkowski filed for divorce last year.

The Cruise actor added a message of reassurance as she concluded: “You’ve got your whole life still ahead of you. So for all those people who are stressed, or feeling stressed about being divorced, it’s good. Congratulations.”

But not everyone is so impressed by her words, writing on X: “Nothing ‘chic’ about the dissolution of a marriage and family AT ALL.”

With others calling it ‘nonsense’ and ‘not too smart’.

However, others praise her for encouraging people ‘not to stay in miserable relationships for the rest of their lives’.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are getting a divorce.

And Ratajkowski added in the TikTok comments: “Yes! way better to be divorced than unhappy/unsafe/miserable in a relationship wasting your precious time on this planet.”

Many of her fans called her ‘so real’ for the video as one wrote: “This is so reassuring because I feel like I failed and my ‘expiration’ date is approaching. Thank you.”

Following her filing for divorce from Bear-McClard last year, the actor told Harper’s Bazaar: “I feel all the emotions.

“I feel anger, sadness. I feel excitement. I feel joy. I feel levity. Every day is different. The only good thing I know is that I’m feeling all those things, which is nice because it makes me believe that I’ll be okay.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@emrata

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