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Dua Lipa's ex shares troubling Instagram post just hours after she goes public with new boyfriend

Dua Lipa's ex shares troubling Instagram post just hours after she goes public with new boyfriend

Big, big yikes.

Anwar Hadid has freaked out fans a little bit after posting some concerning messages to his Instagram Story, supposedly in response to Dua Lipa debuting her new boyfriend.

Dua, who'd dated the model from 2019 to 2021, walked the red carpet with her boyfriend Romain Gavras at Cannes Film Festival last weekend and the reaction has been massive.

While most fans are thrilled to see the 'Don't Start Now' singer packing on the PDA with the French director, her ex-boyfriend seemingly doesn't appear to be a fan.

Dua Lipa and Romain Gavras made their red carpet debut over the weekend.
Abaca Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Shortly after photos of Dua and Romain on the red carpet took the internet by a storm, Anwar posted a series of concerning messages to his Instagram Story.

Although Anwar never explicitly specified who his posts were about, fans are convinced they're aimed at the celebrity couple.

The first post, which included a selfie of Anwar looking a little gloomy with a hood over his head, read: "Trying to not to find and kill him."

He also threw in a smily face emoticon just to make the message that little bit more worrying.

Another post saw the 23-year-old smirking in the mirror accompanied by the caption: "I can't breath[e]."

In a few follow-up posts, the model added messages like: 'I hate the way you say my name', and 'Have fun'.

Finally, for good measure, he uploaded a post to his Instagram grid to promote new music, and added a sad face emoji in his comments section.

Screenshots of Anwar's posts quickly made their way onto Twitter and sparked serious concern from fans.

Anwar made a series of posts to Instagram shortly after Dua and Romain's red carpet debut.

"Wait is it because of Dua?? I mean…still???!!!!" asked one Twitter user.

"WHAT OMG... Oh what does he want from her," tweeted another concerned fan.

Some joked that they would react the same way if they had parted ways with the singer.

"I'd have done the same bc imagine fumbling Dua Lipa," one wrote.

While others were genuinely worried, and argued that making light of Anwar's posts was a bad move.

"I feel bad but like this is a bit too much," noted one fan.

"I don't get how y'all are giggling at this, men are terrifying ...." tweeted a second.

"Oh this is not cute nor funny, I hope she is staying safe like..." a third agreed.

Like I said, there's no guarantee that Anwar is referring to Dua Lipa in those posts - but the timing is certainly curious.

UNILAD has approached Anwar's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@anwarhadid/Abaca Press / Alamy Stock Photo

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