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Drew Barrymore howls with excitement at discovering a window

Drew Barrymore howls with excitement at discovering a window

Fans are feeling all the emotions over the actor's joyous video

In perhaps what is one of the most wholesome videos on social media, Drew Barrymore is seen howling and crying with excitement upon discovering a window that was covered by drywall.

Of course, we all know and love the Charlie's Angels actress for being one of the kindest faces in Hollywood and a recent TikTok video has gotten fans feeling all the emotions for our beloved Drew.

For a little bit of context to the window saga, the 47-year-old has been embarking upon a renovation project in the last few months and has been injecting some new life into her new apartment - which includes tearing away the drywall that was fitted by the old owners to cover a window.

Take a look at joyous moment below:

The video, which was posted as a second part to her renovation project, shows the actor explaining how the previous owners of the apartment had, for some reason, covered up a window with drywall.

"I don't know why," Barrymore says before explaining she's about to reveal the window with a lot of excitement - including a few dog barks and howls.

The video then cuts to the moment the window is revealed through the drywall, showing a teary-eyed Barrymore saying: "I knew there was a window here, I knew it... I knew it!"

The actor's joy is incredibly infectious and fans took to the comments to share their emotions, with one saying: "Not me tearing up with her over a window."

Barrymore's joy over the window has gotten fans feeling all the emotions.

Another commented: "She is literally the sweetest soul ever," while someone else said, somewhat strangely: "Protect this woman at all costs. She is the new Betty White and will carry us through the next 60 years with love and joy."

Barrymore has become well known for her joyous and expressive TikTok account, where she regularly posts feel-good content for her 6.5 million followers.

However, one of her recent videos landed the 50 First Dates actor in hot water after fans accused her of being racist for frolicking in the rain.

Barrymore filmed herself running around and dancing in the rain while telling her followers: "Whenever you can, go out into the rain. Do not miss the opportunity."

But this was criticised by TikToker @amushroomblackly, who labeled Barrymore as a 'coloniser' after she compared the actor's video to an earlier trend that saw black creators 'frolicking' outside.

Barrymore's video of her in the rain drew criticism and she was even accused of being racist.

"You and I both know you are capable of enjoying the rain, frolicking freely, without filming it and posting it to TikTok," the TikToker said, before explaining that Barrymore 'cosigned people who just go out of their way to disrespect and dismiss the boundaries that black creators have set'.

But it seemed not everyone agreed with this opinion and many fans pointed out how Barrymore running in the rain wasn't problematic or racist in the slightest.

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Featured Image Credit: @drewbarrymore/TikTok

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