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Truth revealed after 'hologram' handed Drake a book at concert

Truth revealed after 'hologram' handed Drake a book at concert

Fans spotted Drake's 'younger self' as it turns out, he's a real person and not a hologram.

From mysterious 'holograms' to onstage disses, Drake is taking his tour to the next level and fans are shook.

Having recently started his It's All a Blur tour with 21 Savage on Wednesday 5 July in Chicago, Drake fans were convinced a hologram of his younger self had joined him on stage - only for the 'hologram' to hand him a book.

When performing at United Center, the Canadian rapper sang alongside what fans thought was a hologram of his younger self.

During this part of the show, Drake grabbed a book from the 'hologram', which is where fans became puzzled - with holograms not being known to handle physical objects.

Fans were dumbfounded, with one writing: "Am i HIGH right now?"

Another said: "Me here, trying to figure the science and technology behind it.

"How did he get the actual physical book out of something not physically present?"

Well, it turns out the truth is actually a bit more mundane.

Drake appeared alongside what fans thought was a hologram.

Unfortunately, no smoke and mirrors were used, as it turns out the 36-year-old hired a young actor to play himself.

One fan posted a clip on TikTok of the Drake actor walking through a crowd of people at the concert after his performance, which shows him wearing the same jersey t-shirt and jeans as when he was on stage.

So definitely not a hologram, then.

In true Twitter fashion, users did not disappoint with their reactions.

TikTok posted a clip, showing the real actor.
TikTok/ @MuchMusic

One user commented: “Crazy we live in a time we don’t know if a real person on stage is a hologram or not”.

Another was desperate to believe there was some technological trickery going on, writing: “The use AI over his face so on the screen he looks more like Drake.”

This bit of news isn’t the only interested thing to happen to Drake this week, as a fan threw a phone at his face during his performance which sparked outrage and questioned audience etiquette.

Fans were shook at the revelation.
TikTok/ @MuchMusic

After being struck, the rapper continued the performance as if nothing had happened, and later went on to perform with a giant sperm cell on stage.

Drake also went on to claim that Childish Gambino's 'This is America' was meant to be a diss track against him and then called it overrated, and now he’s defending painting his nails pink.

So, it looks like it’s been a busy tour for the 'God’s Plan' lyricist, hopefully it’ll be a lot more chill over the next upcoming concert dates.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ukhiphopdaily/@drizzydrakesocial

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