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Doja Cat leaves fans 'confused' as she wears fake facial hair to Paris Fashion Week

Doja Cat leaves fans 'confused' as she wears fake facial hair to Paris Fashion Week

The rapper had previously hinted about her new look on her Instagram Story

Doja Cat has got people talking yet again with another of her looks for Paris Fashion Week, and this time it involves some fake facial hair.

The American rapper is among numerous celebrities who've travelled to France to take part in the renowned event, and she quickly made herself known as she stepped out in a head-to-toe red outfit adorned with 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

The unmissable look was custom-designed by Schiaparelli's creative director Daniel Roseberry as part of the label's latest collection, Inferno Couture, but it wasn't the only eyebrow-raising outfit she had.

And I mean that literally, because another of her headline-worthy looks involved fake eyebrows.

The rapper has impressed fans with her Fashion Week looks.
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The rapper took to Instagram today (25 January) to share her latest look, which included a green and white rouched shirt, a brown coat and some blue-tinted glasses.

Oh, and a fake moustache, goatee and eyebrows.

The image comes as a follow up to an Instagram Story Doja Cat posted earlier today, when she wrote: "If lashes are what you all want, then lashes are what you'll get. See you at Viktor and Rolf."

Doja Cat teased her look on her Instagram Story.

Doja didn't have any noticeable lashes when she took on her vibrant red outfit for Schiaparelli's show, but she delivered on the promise made in her Instagram Story when she arrived to the Viktor & Rolf show, when she was basically nothing but lashes.

The 27-year-old used the accessories to give herself new facial hair, though noticeably didn't seem to actually use them for their intended purpose - as eyelashes.

Her Instagram followers were left suitably baffled after she unveiled the look, with one responding candidly to the image to say: "I’m too high for whatever tf this is."

Another wrote: "I’m so confused but also so obsessed."

Though undeniably baffling, Doja's look has largely gone down well with fans who have praised her for delivering on her promise.

Doja used fake eyelashes to create the look.

"Well here’s the lashes y’all asked for- happy now?," one fan commented, and another even went as far as to praise Doja for creating the 'best look of the year'.

The look will likely have been much quicker to pull together than her previous one, which makeup artist Pat McGrath later revealed took 'four hours and 58 minutes' to complete.

The makeup artist celebrated Doja's 'patience and dedication' as she was made up with the red paint and crystals, but it must have been a relief to be able to quickly sort out her latest look with a bit of lash glue.

Featured Image Credit: @artofv/Instagram/@diamondsonshai /Twitter

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