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David Schwimmer posts perfect reply to Jennifer Aniston's shower pic

David Schwimmer posts perfect reply to Jennifer Aniston's shower pic

Jennifer Aniston posted a picture of herself in the shower and David Schwimmer found the perfect way to respond

Earlier this week Friends star Jennifer Aniston teased fans with a picture of herself in the shower, and now co-star David Schwimmer has come up with the perfect response.

On Sunday (4 September), Aniston posted a picture of herself having a shower captioned: 'Something's coming 9.8.22', which seems to be an advert for shampoo as she tagged her haircare brand Lolavie in the post.

It seems she'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of launching her own brand of products.

Sharing the picture with her more than 40 million followers on Instagram, Aniston provoked an excited response from the internet with many saying they 'can't wait' to see what she has in store.

Not to be outdone in the incredibly niche market of pictures of Friends stars in the shower, Schwimmer yesterday (7 September) responded with a snap of himself covered in shampoo.

Schwimmer had the perfect response.

He captioned his Instagram post by tagging Aniston accompanied by the quip of 'a towel I hope?'.

His Instagram antics didn't go unnoticed by his Friends co-star, as Aniston replied with: "Schwim!? Trying to steal my thunder!?"

Lots of fans responded with the word 'lobster', a Friends reference to a scene where the actors characters Ross and Rachel are told they're meant to be together forever.

On a side note, lobsters don't actually fall in love and mate for life as Phoebe claimed on Friends, so for those of you interested in scientific accuracy don't go around calling people your lobster.

As for Schwimmer and Aniston, neither do they as the pair have made it clear that they're just good friends and these shower based shenanigans are two old friends poking fun at each other.

There had been speculation that the pair's on screen romance as Ross and Rachel on Friends had spilled over into real life.

When the cast reunited to celebrate the success of Friends last year the rumours that the pair had finally got together exploded, but Schwimmer and Aniston have played down rumours of romance.

While the pair have admitted they were 'crushing hard on each other' during filming for the early seasons of the show, Aniston said they never got together as at least one of them was always in a relationship with someone else.

However, both have been clear that there's 'no truth' to the new rumours that they got together and the pair have made it plain that they're just good friends, to the disappointment of Friends shippers the world over.

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