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Famous chef David Chang sparks controversy saying you should never BBQ hamburgers

Famous chef David Chang sparks controversy saying you should never BBQ hamburgers

The Michelin chef has rocked the culinary world

David Chang has sparked controversy after saying you should never BBQ hamburgers.

The Michelin chef clearly has some very strong views about the ever-so-popular meaty dish which has since become synonymous with summer, family gatherings and - of course - back yard barbecues.

Chang, the founder of Momofuku Ko which has two Michelin stars, has instead advised exactly the best way to prepare a burger patty and how to avoid turning them into 'carbonized c**p'.

Burgers prepared on a barbecue are 'carbonized c**p' according to the famous restauranteur.
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It would seem that, according to Chang, dads getting ready in their masses to crowd around a barbecue this summer have got it all wrong.

Speaking on his podcast, The Dave Chang Show, the culinary connoisseur claimed people should ditch al-fresco barbecue grills altogether and instead use a griddle to achieve that perfect succulent sear.

The 45-year-old said: "Grills suck for burgers. We have assumed as a culture that in summer, we eat a burger and it’s grilled."

Chang went on to say that a grill is a 'horrible thing for the burger', before admitting: "I think this viewpoint could get me in trouble."

He continued with anti-grill argument, explaining: "The success rate of the griddle is better than the grill, and also there’s no clean up, you have nothing to worry about.

David Chang is the founder of Momofuku Ko which has two Michelin stars.
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"A juicy burger is going to turn into a guaranteed grease fire [on a barbecue], why use it? This whole idea of imparting flavour from the grill, the only flavour that’s being imparted is the carbonised crap that’s on it."

Bad news for everyone out there who figures themselves a bit of a BBQ maestro with a 'Kiss the Cook' apron to pair.

Putting any theories to bed of a 'smoky flavour' being brought about by some minimal BBQ searing, Chang continued: "You would need to cook a burger over charcoal for 12 hours to get that smoky flavour."

"A backyard burger is an experience that you try to convince yourself is better than it actually is," he went on. "It’s the nostalgia, it’s the smells, it’s your friends. But if you actually take it out of the context, it’s not that good."


Not only does he think it tastes worse, but the famed chef also claimed that the inherent connection between grills and burgers is nothing more than a mere 'marketing lie'.

Burgers? Big no-no. Corn? Oh yeah.
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He asked: "How many places where you think have a good burger, cook it on a grill?"

The man makes a good point to be fair.

While he may have a pretty strong aversion to cheffing up burgers over an open flame, Chang has identified other ingredients that work a whole lot better on a grill - particularly corn.

He said: "There’s no redeeming quality about a grilled burger.

"It’s good for chicken, chicken thighs, spatchcock chicken, pork, lamb chops and seafood."

Chang added: "There are some vegetables that are good grilled, squash and aubergine, but only if they’re cut a specific way or they can still fall through the gaps.

"Corn is clearly the only champion. I can’t think of anything else."

What do you make of Chang's culinary critiques?

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