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Dave Chappelle says 'I hope they don't take anything from me' after opening SNL with edgy jokes

Dave Chappelle says 'I hope they don't take anything from me' after opening SNL with edgy jokes

Comedian Dave Chappelle opened his stint on SNL with a long opening monologue packed with risque gags

Comedian Dave Chappelle said 'I hope they don't take anything from me' after his Saturday Night Live opening monologue was packed with edgy jokes.

One of the main targets of Chappelle's jokes was Kanye West, who has been spending the last few weeks spouting antisemitism and being dropped by pretty much every brand he's ever been affiliated with.

The rapper recently claimed he can 'say whatever I want and not go to jail', while also alleging that his mother and Michael Jordan's father had been 'sacrificed'.

Chappelle opened up his monologue on Saturday Night Live with a statement which ended up being a joke at the rapper's expense.

He said: "I denounce antisemitism in all its forms and I stand with my friends in the Jewish community.

"And that, Kanye, is how you buy some time."

Dave Chappelle ended his SNL monologue by talking about cancel culture.
YouTube/Saturday Night Live

The jokes about Kanye kept coming, though the comedian also said the rapper was 'possibly not well' and claimed that 'the delusion that Jews run showbusiness' was 'not a crazy thing to think but a crazy thing to say out loud'.

There were other targets of Chappelle's jokes during his opening SNL monologue, with the comedian also slating Donald Trump as an 'honest liar' who 'got out his Illuminati membership card and chopped a line of cocaine with it'.

Herschel Walker, the Republican Senate candidate for Georgia, was branded as 'observantly stupid' by Chappelle, while he also said Melania Trump was 'the kind of chick that James Bond would smash but not trust'.

Chappelle closed off his almost 15-minute long monologue by commenting on cancel culture, saying 'nobody listens to me' when he had joked about it before.

The comedian made plenty of jokes at Kanye West's expense during his opening monologue.
YouTube/Saturday Night Live

He said he joked about turning down a sneaker deal for his first Netflix special because "the minute I say something that makes those people mad they're gonna take my sneakers away."

The comedian soon returned to the topic of West, joking that he is losing 'a billion and a half dollars in a day' and 'walking around LA barefoot' after getting dropped by Adidas.

Chappelle added: "It shouldn't be this scary to talk about anything. It's making my job incredibly difficult.

"To be honest with you I'm getting sick of talking to a crowd like this, I love you to death and thank you for your support."

"I hope they don't take anything away from me, whoever they are."

Chappelle had faced a backlash for defending comments made by JK Rowling about the transgender community on his Netflix show The Closer.

The stand-up star didn't mention his own jokes during his monologue, which had caused Netflix employees to protest against the streaming service.

Featured Image Credit: Saturday Night Live

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