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Daniel Radcliffe had the coolest response to hearing he was the richest teenager in Britain
Featured Image Credit: The Celeb Factory/YouTube

Daniel Radcliffe had the coolest response to hearing he was the richest teenager in Britain

He was incredibly chill about the whole thing.

In the height of his Harry Potter days, there was no one more popular or more sought after than Daniel Radcliffe.

The iconic role quickly shot Radcliffe to the top of every rich list, and before long, he was named the wealthiest teenager in Britain - news that didn't seem to phase him in the slightest:

Maybe all that time in the Hogwarts fighting off evil wizards, casting spells and flying on broomsticks got to Radcliffe's head in the end, because compared to all of that, being named the richest teen in the UK appears to be pretty uneventful news.

Radcliffe had been on the red carpet for his 2007 film December Boys - which came out the same year as Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix - when he was told he had bagged the title.

"Did you know that you are the richest teenager in Britain?" asks a TheCelebFactory reporter.

Without so much as a flinch, the actor replies: "Really? Oh right, okay."

And if there was any small part of you that suspected Daniel Radcliffe might not be a cool guy, it has just vanished.

Have you ever heard such a non-chalant response?

When asked what it feels like to earn more money than his parents, Radcliffe, still unfazed, simply says: "We sort of have a bit of a laugh about it, to be honest. It's not something we take particularly seriously, I don't rub it in their faces or anything."

Daniel Radcliffe made a fortune from his Harry Potter days.
Warner Bros.

Like I said, once you've been to the wizarding world, everything else must feel incredibly mundane by comparison.

Just 16-years-old at the time, Radcliffe was worth an estimated £23 million ($39.6 million), according to firm Gilmore Jacobs, after signing an £8 million ($13.7 million) deal for The Order of the Phoenix.

And it only went up from there for Radcliffe, though he probably wasn't too concerned.

In 2009, when the Harry Potter star was 19-years-old, he was joint first place with Miley Cyrus on Forbes' Rich Tween List - both of whom took home an estimated £12.8 million ($15.6 million) that year.

According to Celeb Net Worth, Radcliffe went on to earn a total of £40.8 million ($50 million) for the final two Harry Potter films - The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.

And, even when the Harry Potter films came to an end, things didn't slow down whatsoever for Radcliffe.

Gilmore Jacobs, the firm that he uses to manage his earnings, confirmed through accounts filed in December 2022 that, since his first Harry Potter film, Radcliffe has earned a total of £91.4 million.

But, you know, whatever. Probably not a big deal as far as he's concerned.

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