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Chris Evans says he's been through something 'much worse' than being ghosted
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Chris Evans says he's been through something 'much worse' than being ghosted

Even Hollywood stars go through heartbreak

Is there anything worse than being ghosted?

Constantly checking your phone, DMs and maybe even emails, just hoping that the person you were speaking to hasn't decided to disappear off the face of the Earth? It's definitely a harsh way to find out someone doesn't like you.

But apparently, there are harsher ways. That's according to Chris Evans, at least.

While a Hollywood movie star might be the last person you'd expect to be dumped, the Captain America actor made the revelation about his dating history when he spoke to People ahead of the release of his new film, Ghosted.

When asked if he's ever been ghosted himself, Evans replied: "I feel I've experienced something much worse. I think I'd prefer being ghosted because you can make up any story you want."

I suppose telling yourself the person must have been abducted by aliens would take the edge off the pain of being ignored, and after spending years living in a world full of supervillains, Evans might just about be able to convince himself of something like that.

So what's worse than ghosting, I hear you ask?

Wait all you want, the message isn't coming.

It's when the interest and hope slowly fades, right in front of your eyes.

Evans explained: "I've had the slow decline in text responses, and you just know the person is pushing you aside casually."

Try as you might to tell yourself they just don't want to seem too keen, that decline is impossible to ignore.

Evans still tried, though, saying: "You tell yourself a story, whatever you have to do to get by."

The actor has obviously gone through some tough breakups in the past, but hopefully those days are behind him now as he's been in a relationship with his current girlfriend, Alba Baptista, for more than a year.

He's previously been open about what he looks for in a partner, with confidence being at the top of his list.

Chris Evans is starring a new film, Ghosted.
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"Not so much what's on the outside, but your sense of self," he told People. "To know and love yourself and be comfortable with who we are. You can feel it when someone has it. I'm not saying I do, I hate myself, [laughs] so I fooled you all."

'Vulnerability and humility' are a couple of other key qualities for Evans, who continued: "I don't like to argue, I don't like to raise my voice or any forms of manipulation. I think declarations of love are great; I love love. I'm a bit of a sap like that. I like being sentimental, I cry pretty easily. At a good song, nice sunset, yeah, my emotions are bubbling."

If you want to see Evans get wrapped up in some action-packed ghosting on screen, you can see him alongside Ana de Armas in Ghosted from 21 April.

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