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Cher hits back after Dua Lipa is labeled 'Cher of our generation'
Featured Image Credit: AFF / UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

Cher hits back after Dua Lipa is labeled 'Cher of our generation'

Cher has reacted to Dua Lipa being called the 'Cher of our generation.'

Cher has reacted to Dua Lipa being called the 'Cher of our generation.'

Look, there's no doubt about it - both of the singers are icons in their own right and we're not super big on comparing stars.

Still, some people on Twitter thought that Dua was the Cher of our generation and the 'Believe' singer was quick to respond.

Cher didn't take too kindly too Dua Lipa being called the 'Cher of our generation'.
AFF / Alamy Stock Photo

It all started when one fan, in a since-deleted tweet, said Dua Lipa was 'the Cher of our generation'.

Another fan proceeded to tag the two stars, loving that there was 'so much truth in one tweet'.

However, Cher hit back: "How many yrs are in a generation?"

To answer Cher's question, the general consensus is that there are around 20 to 30 years in a generation.

People were quick to respond to the tweets, and some clearly didn't agree with the comparison: "You're the only Cher of all generations, they can be beautiful and talented but no one compares, it's like comparing candles and a Supernova. You win."

While another wrote: "No one can be a you of any generation. You are the one and only!! QUEEN."

A third added: "Dua can’t compete with you lmao you are the Cher of EVERY generation!!"

To be fair, we're not sure anyone was pitting the icons against each other, just saying that they shared similarities.

Others thought the comparison was pretty accurate, with one user sharing side-by-side shots of the singers, saying: "Cher sweetie please I love you both."

Another wanted the madness to stop and for the pair to collaborate: "Enough we should be able to get you both to do some collaborations."

One user was just impressed that Dua hadn't weighed in on the debate: "The quite talented @DUALIPA being unproblematic in the shadows as this all goes down."

Another said that the women shouldn't be compared at all and that they were both killing it in their own right.

They said: "One thing is being *inspired* by someone, and other is being a replacement. Dua is the Dua Lipa of our generation. Cher is Cher. No need to compare two completely different individuals in talent just because one dress like the other."

What do you think? Are the singers alike, or should everyone just let them be?

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