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People are cringing at footage of Cameron Diaz being forcefully kissed at MTV Awards

People are cringing at footage of Cameron Diaz being forcefully kissed at MTV Awards

Footage from the 1995 MTV awards has people cringing as Chris Isaak forcefully kissed Cameron Diaz.

People are remembering the time Cameron Diaz was kissed against her will at the 1995 MTV Movie Awards and they've been left cringing at what they've seen.

In the footage of the awards ceremony, Diaz is on stage alongside musician Chris Isaak to present that year's 'Best Kiss' award.

While they were supposed to be working out whether True Lies, Before Sunrise, Natural Born Killers, Speed or Dumb and Dumber would take the award, Isaak leaned in for a kiss, which his co-presenter did not appear to be down for.

As they introduced the category together, the singer put his arm around Diaz's shoulder and leaned in as she was trying to speak.

Cameron Diaz tried to pull away from the kiss.

Diaz pulled away and continued with her lines, putting her arm up between herself and her co-presenter, while Isaak said 'come here, baby' and continued to lean in, taking hold of one of her wrists with his free hand.

The actor kept trying to continue introducing the award as she explained that the kisses you saw on the big screen happened 'on the director's say so' as she kept her eyes on the camera and away from Isaak.

By the third time she said a kiss was supposed to happen 'on the director's say so', Diaz was practically shouting as she continued to lean away from Isaak.

The musician then said 'scuse me' and stood right in front of Diaz, she appeared to giggle nervously as he went in for a kiss she could no longer avoid.

As the audience cheered, he said 'I knew you'd come around', while the Charlie's Angels star tried yet again to get the awards ceremony back on track.

Isaak then stood in front of Diaz.

And people watching the footage now are cringing at the encounter and concerned for Diaz.

One person said the whole thing 'makes my blood boil', while a second said they couldn't believe that 'people clapped and laughed' while they were sitting in the audience.

Another said the moment she 'just plays along a little bit just so she can get out of it' was 'the epitome of the woman's struggle'.

Others said they thought the kiss must have been rehearsed ahead of time and was 'part of the act', with some saying that they really hoped it was supposed to be the case as if it was real, it was 'too much'.

UNILAD were unable to locate Chris Isaak's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: MTV

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