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Ben Affleck never wants to be seen with Chris Hemsworth

Ben Affleck never wants to be seen with Chris Hemsworth

The actor has one condition if he ever does visit the star

It's not unusual for there to be all sorts of rumors about beef, controversy and issues between celebrities.

Fans love to speculate about what a look, social media post or straight up spitting incident could mean, but rather than letting the internet do the talking, Ben Affleck has cut straight through the rumor mill and point blank said that he never wants to be seen with Chris Hemsworth.

The star name-dropped his fellow actor while speaking with Insider about his upcoming basketball movie, Air, which co-stars Matt Damon.

In the chat, Affleck mentioned that Damon had basically become an 'honorary citizen' of Australia because he'd been there so many times. Meanwhile, the Gone Girl star has never stepped foot down under.

Affleck speculated that Damon spends a lot of time with one of Australia's biggest stars when he goes to visit, saying: “He’s friends with Chris Hemsworth."

However, while he'd love to go to Australia himself, Affleck made clear that he wouldn't be spending much time with the Thor actor. But that's not because he has any real issues with him - it's just a comparison thing.

Ben Affleck stars alongside Matt Damon in Air.
Amazon Studios/Warner Bros.

He explained: "I think that shows enormous character of Matt to be friends with a guy that much younger and better looking than him.

“Good in practice - but I don’t want to sit next to Chris Hemsworth in photographs so I applaud Matt."

“Matt is quite good friends with Chris and his family - he loves Australia - and I really want to come and see it because the people that I’ve met from Australia I’ve really liked and gotten along with," Affleck continued.

Affleck didn't say exactly why he didn't want to sit next to Hemsworth.

"There’s a wonderful spirit and energy about the people, and certainly Matt raves about it. He’s often said if he could live somewhere, he’s tempted to just go live in Australia.

“My only misgivings about that is that I wouldn’t see him as much. But I’d love to come."

Affleck dropped a hint to Hemsworth that he would one day 'invite [him] to come down and stay at his place', but he has one condition: "As long as I don’t have to take any shirtless pictures next to him.”

Hopefully Hemsworth will be able to arrange a paparazzi-free trip for Affleck at some point in the future, but in the meantime, the actor made clear he's satisfied with his life.

"I’m terrific, actually," he said. "You’re finding me in a very good place. I’m happy for the movie and excited to talk about it, and having a lot of fun and doing a lot of interesting things.

“So life is good. It’s challenging, but it’s good.”

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