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Bebe Rexha is brought to tears as fan comes out as gay to his mother in front of her

Bebe Rexha is brought to tears as fan comes out as gay to his mother in front of her

The singer told the fan she was 'so proud' after he made the announcement

Bebe Rexha admitted a fan was 'going to make her cry' as he opened up to her about his mental health before coming out as gay to his mom.

Rexha hasn't had the best time with fans recently after someone threw a mobile phone at her during a gig, causing her to go to hospital, but she was thankfully reminded of how much her supporters love her when she ran into one 18-year-old fan.

The singer, 33, met the young fan amid her Best F*n Night of Your Life tour, and she stopped to chat with him while his mom recorded the encounter.

In the clip, which Rexha later shared to her Instagram Story, the fan could be seen telling the singer that his depression was 'at its worst' after he'd moved to Tennessee.

He went on to explain how he relied on Rexha's 2021 album during the rough period, saying: "Better Mistakes got me through..."

The fan then burst into tears as he opened up to his idol, but Rexha stood by him as she said: "Take a deep breath. Let's enjoy this moment together. I love you so much. You're so strong."

Looking at the fan's mom, she added: "Oh he's going to make me cry right now."

Rexha was left emotional at the exchange.

The singer appeared to become emotional as the fan went on to make an announcement, saying: "I'm going to do this in front of you."

As Rexha watched on, he then turned to his mom and said, "I'm gay."

Thankfully, the supportive mom immediately assured her son that it was 'absolutely fine', saying, "I still love you" as onlookers burst into cheers and applause over the exchange.

Rexha's emotion was clear on her face and she brought the fan in for a hug, telling him: "Oh my god I'm so proud of you."

After she shared the clip, the 'Say My Name' singer ended her Story with a series of crying-face emojis.

The fan's announcement, which came amid Pride Month, has been met with amazing responses from internet users, with one person saying the video 'melted [their] heart'.

"I wish all parents could be this supportive," another person added, and a third wrote: "bebe is such a sweetheart [...] always spreading love and kindness this was such a beautiful moment."

Rexha has previously explained that her 2021 album Better Mistakes allowed her to get to know herself 'really well', telling Billboard: "I’ve learned to accept that person, to accept her, flaws and all.

"I think that’s the number one thing in life — the acceptance within yourself, your failures, the good parts and the bad parts."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@beberexha

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