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People are saying Arnold Schwarzenneger's son Joseph Baena is trying to be 'Arnie 2.0'

People are saying Arnold Schwarzenneger's son Joseph Baena is trying to be 'Arnie 2.0'

It seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

People are saying Arnold Schwarzenneger's son, Joseph Baena, is trying to be an 'Arnie 2.0'.

Many of us aspire to live up to our parents' expectations - whether that's landing a great job, providing bountiful grandchildren or simply being happy and healthy.

Some kids, however, really take it to the next level showing that, sometimes, the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree at all.

And this seems to be exactly the case for cinematic icon Arnold Schwarzenegger's son who people can't help but liken to his Hollywood A-lister father.

Baena took to Instagram on Saturday (29 July) to share with his 475k followers the latest update with his fitness journey.

Arnold Schwarzenneger's son, Joseph Baena, flexing his gains.

He captioned the series of muscle snaps taken at the world famous Gold's Gym in Venice Beach with a 'Gym Bro Translator' guide.

It translated the phrase 'that’s too easy' to 'that’s really hard', 'light weigh' to 'that’s really heavy' and lastly 'all you' to 'it’s all me'.

The first picture shows the Bully High star flexing while standing sideways towards the camera showing off his impressive shoulder and chest muscles.

The second shot sees the 25-year-old joined by Leo Mayrhofer as they both get their flex on side by side.

The final photo looks almost a dead ringer to bodybuilder Schwarzenegger when he was a young man with a Hercules-style pose with flexed arms and legs.

And it seems the internet agrees.

'Arnie 2.0'.

One Instagram user commented: "Arnold 2.0 here for it!"

"Your dad must be very proud!" wrote a second.

And the father-son comparison didn't stop there, as a third echoed: "Your face expressions is looking like your father 100%!!"

"You look the same like your daddy," quipped a fourth.

One Instagram user, however, seemed to have had enough and hit out against the avalanche of comparison comments.

They wrote: "All these comparisons to your Dad...pfft...nice to have, but not you.

"You are your own man/entertainer/competitor/athlete. Keep doing you 100% because people are here for it."

They sure are.

People couldn't help but compare Baena with his bodybuilder father.

Speaking in an interview with extratv at the Los Angeles premiere of Fubar, Baena opened up about his relationship with his dad.

He started by revealing the 'best piece of advice' his dad gave him when he first followed in his father's footsteps and entered the world of showbiz.

He said: "I mean, just with anything that I do, but especially with acting, he's really supportive and always, you know, pushing me to work really hard, and then make it my own and, and do it on my own."

The 25-year-old continued: "But his main piece of advice has always been, do the reps - and it sounds just like the gym.

"But it really makes sense because it's all about practice, practice, practice."

Baena added: "The more that you practice, the more that you prepare for these roles, the better you're going to be and, and I've taken that to heart and I've taken that into every role that I've been doing."

Words to live by.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@joebaena

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