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Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Perfect Answer When Asked Why He Still Goes To Gym At 75-Years-Old

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Perfect Answer When Asked Why He Still Goes To Gym At 75-Years-Old

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains why he's still a dedicated gym-goer at 75.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has explained why he still goes to the gym at 75-years-old, and it's pretty heartwarming.

While we keep forgetting to cancel the gym membership we've never used, Schwarzenegger is, unsurprisingly, as dedicated as ever.

Now, in an interview with Logan Paul, The Terminator star has explained why he still trains as part of his daily routine.

Now, it's hard to imagine Schwarzenegger not hitting the gym. We mean, the man is one of the most iconic action stars and bodybuilders of all time.

So, it's no surprise that, when speaking to Paul, Schwarzenegger seemed dead-set on not slowing down.

It all started when Paul asked: "Why do you still come to the gym? You know at 75-years-old, I mean, you did the Mr. Universe."

Schwarzenegger then replied: "Well, I did it for the same reasons, as you know, we talked about it.

"For the same reason why am I having breakfast today? I've had breakfast today, I've had breakfast 10 years ago, why am I still having breakfast?

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the reason why he still goes to the gym at 75-years-old.

"Why am I still sleeping? I slept 20 years ago, I slept 10 years ago. I'm still sleeping every day and every night."

And he makes a fair point, consistent training has done Schwarzenegger well all of these years, with Paul noting: "It's so rooted in who you are."

"Exactly, it's the same with training. Training is such a big part of my life. It's that simple. Nothing will ever change until I die."

While the former Governor of California isn't planning on slowing down any time soon, he has been at it for a long time.

After winning his first amateur Mr. Universe title in 1967, the man has kept consistent with his bodybuilding game... Even teaching budding bodybuilders how to show off their hard-earned gains.

The above snippet is taken from George Butler and Robert Fiore’s 1977 docudrama Pumping Iron, which explored the high stakes (and extremely oily) world of professional bodybuilding. 

In the clip, Arnie explains how to show off all those hours of training: “Make one line. Always remember you have to have a line. And look where you point.

"Remember one thing when you pose, a lot of little guys, they hide away when they pose. A big guy will come right up with his arm. Never hide away. Show them the whole thing, make the move."

Schwarzenegger became king of the bodybuilding circuit back in the '70s and has reigned over ever since.

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