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Anna Kendrick says she has embryos with toxic ex who would 'shout at her until she cried'

Anna Kendrick says she has embryos with toxic ex who would 'shout at her until she cried'

The actor said she had believed the ex was 'her person'

Anna Kendrick has revealed she made embryos with a ‘toxic’ ex-boyfriend before he admitted to having feelings for another woman.

The 37-year-old star spoke frankly about her past relationship on the Armchair Expert podcast, admitting that she had believed the man was ‘her person’ before the cracks started to show.

She said: “I was with someone — this was somebody I lived with, for all intents and purposes my husband. We had embryos together, this was my person..

“And then about six years in, about somewhere around there, I remember telling my brother, when things had first kind of gone down, ‘I’m living with a stranger. Like, I don’t know what’s happening.'”

Anna Kendrick said she had made embryos with her ex.
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Kendrick went on to say that whenever she tried to address the issues with her ex he would end up ‘screaming’ at her until she was ‘curled in a ball, sobbing’.

Recalling the time he mentioned another woman, Kendrick said her ex had visited her on set and she had finally plucked up the courage to ask him what was wrong.

She explained: “The worst possible thing was, I was like, ‘please don’t say this girl’s name', and he started talking about this girl.”

When the breakup came, Kendrick said she blamed herself and ended up ‘dismantling’ her life in the aftermath of the split.

“There was an inherent thing of me being so rejectable that this person who loved me very deeply for six years, it suddenly occurred to him, how awful I was or something,” she added. “The shame, that lingers much longer.”

“I did start going to Al-Anon while all this was going on. I mean, look, I truly dismantled my life, and at first, that was as a reaction to the accusation that I was crazy, and I was the one causing the problem.

Kendrick has opened up about her toxic relationship.
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"So, I had a conversation with CAA, my agency and said I need to take time off, I have a mental health problem.

“I started seeing two therapists a week and I started trying to learn to meditate and I got into Al-Anon.

“And all of these things ended up being very wonderful things for me in the long run, but initially went into them thinking, ‘Tell me how to stop being crazy. Tell me how to stop feeling anything.'”

Kendrick went on to say that she ended up with sticking with one therapist who was able to start teaching her to create boundaries, adding: “And that was really scary and really hard but that is what ended the relationship.”

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