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Calls for A$AP Rocky to apologize to fan after grabbing her face while jumping through crowd

Calls for A$AP Rocky to apologize to fan after grabbing her face while jumping through crowd

The rapper left fans baffled for the way he cut through the crowd

A$AP Rocky is facing backlash after he used a woman's actual face to help boost himself over a barrier to get out of a crowd gathered at his hotel.

New York was flooded with celebrities ahead of the Met Gala yesterday (1 May), and their presence was accompanied by a lot of fans who were hoping to get a glimpse of some of the A-listers in real life.

Madelyn Llanes, from Long Island, New York, was among an excited crowd gathered outside The Carlyle Hotel, where staff had put up barriers to help protect any stars trying to get in and out.

It's a pretty easy system to use, and you'd expect most celebrities to take advantage of the fact that they wouldn't have to push and shove their way through fans. Not A$AP Rocky, though.

Footage from outside the hotel shows that instead of walking through the nice, clear path in between the barriers, Rocky popped up in the middle of the packed group behind them.

A$AP Rocky didn't hesitate when trying to get over the fence.

He then proceeded to try and jump the barrier, and when he needed a little extra support he put his hand straight on to Madelyn's face to push himself up, knocking off her glasses in the meantime.

The fan told The Independent Rocky had actually attempted to warn her that he'd be passing through, but she'd initially ignored him.

She explained: “I went to The Carlyle early in the day just so I’d be able to see everyone’s outfits up close as they’d head out.

"What happened with A$AP Rocky is that I had felt someone tapping my shoulder, so I turned around and saw that it was him but my brain didn’t fully comprehend that it was him.

"He said: ‘Sweetheart I need to get through’ and I just told him ‘no’ because the barricade was right in front of me, there wasn’t really anywhere to go."

The rapper walked straight into the hotel after hopping the fence.

Rocky made it clear that a little metal fence wasn't going to stand in his way, with Madelyn explaining that he grabbed both her and the guy next to her in the process.

"After he hopped over, he was like ‘thank you’ and then just laughed and flipped me off and then he went inside and that’s when I fully realised it was him," Madelyn said.

Footage of Madelyn filmed after the bizarre encounter showed her laughing at the situation, though a lot of viewers were less than impressed with the way Rocky behaved.

"Did he apologize?" one person asked after watching the footage, while another questioned: "Why would you put your weight on a person like that? Are you a ram?"

"I feel so bad for this girl," a third added, while someone else wrote: "Nah he did not have to do all that."

After hopping the fence, Madelyn said everyone at the hotel 'just freaked out'.

UNILAD has reached out to representatives for A$AP Rocky for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@sleezyjamie

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