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YouTuber creates lawn mower robot that cuts grass with high-powered laser beam

YouTuber creates lawn mower robot that cuts grass with high-powered laser beam

If you've ever dreaded the thought of mowing your backyard then Daniel Riley could have a solution.

YouTuber Daniel Riley clearly never wants to have to undertake the bothersome chore of mowing his lawn.

While some people find the chore therapeutic, others certainly look at it as a laborious task that takes up way too much time and effort.

His solution? Lasers. Obviously.

Riley let his inner mad scientist go wild when he built a laser-powered robot lawn mower to do his evil bidding for him.

"The youths of today are quickly adapting to the digital era. With soft hands and minuscule attention spans, the last thing we're cut out to do is yard work," Riley said.

"Why should I be out here in the hot sun when I really should be hanging out with all of my best friends at a pool party in the Metaverse?"

He added: "So, as a classic millennial move, I decided that instead of mowing a lawn I would just make a YouTube video about building a robot that mows it for me."

And so this YouTuber who set out on his noble quest.


And what happened turned out to be an incredible adventure. And a very much 'don't ever try this at home' type of experiment.

His evil genius really went hard on this one.

Using a 40-watt cutting machine laser that is oh, roughly 8,000 times as powerful as a laser pointer, he combined that with a 3D-printed gimbal to help the laser rotate effectively.

And his work was done. He had created a lawnmower so powerful it could slice even the most pesky blades of grass into smithereens with nothing but super hot light.

But this creation is not for the faint of heart.

"It's not going to cut your finger off or anything like that," Riley admitted in the YouTube clip.

"But a direct hit to your eyeball, even for just a nanosecond, would make you blind for the rest of your life."

Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool.

A mower with a fickin' laser beam attached to it.

But does it cut grass? Yes. But... incredibly slowly.

It'd take an entire week for MowerBot (not its official name, but that's what we're calling it) to finish the whole backyard. In fact, MowerBot managed to fell a whopping 30 centimetres of grass in a two hours.

Being an evil genius might not be fast work, but at least it is honest work.

It'd be probably be way easier just mow the lawn or pay someone else to do it for you.

While this video was made simply to make other engineering aficionados laugh on the internet, it should definitely fall in the 'fail' category.

Then again, nearly four million people have watched it. So who are we to judge?

Featured Image Credit: rctestflight/YouTube. New Line Cinema.

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