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Simulation shows terrifying effects of not wearing a suit in space
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Zack D. Films

Simulation shows terrifying effects of not wearing a suit in space

It's pretty terrifying

Have you ever thought what would happen if you were in outer space without a spacesuit? Pretty specific I know.

Plus, I imagine it's not a situation any of us are likely to face anytime soon - I hope, at least.

But it's probably something we think we have a good idea about - largely due to how many movies we've seen it happen in.

By Hollywood’s terms, when people get blown from their ship with their suits outside the spacecraft, it often shows them instantly freezing to death or exploding due to pressure - but the real details are slightly more intense.

However, for the curious among us, YouTuber ZackDFilms has shared a video of what would happen to the body if it was exposed to the vacuum of space without protection.

And basically, it sounds like it’s not a place where a human would flourish.

What would happen if you lost your spacesuit?
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He begins the video by addressing the common misconceptions of what people would expect to happen - that 'your body would explode under the pressure'.

However, that isn't the case.

Zack then goes on to explain: "The first thing that would happen is you would immediately lose all of the air in your lungs, which would be quickly followed by your arms swelling as your bodily fluids start to vapourize.'

I know, it's really unsettling.

You would lose all the air in your lungs.

The final nail in the coffin (sorry) would take place when, after a few seconds later, you would 'lose consciousness due to lack of oxygen'.

As your lifeless body drifts through space, you'd gradually drift away from the Sun to become a ball of ice as your body freezes in a few months.

Pretty gnarly stuff.

Dr Kris Lehnhardt, an element scientist for the Human Research Program at NASA, told LiveScience: "As you can imagine, given that 60 percent of the human body is made up of water, this is a serious problem.

Eventually you'd be a ball of ice.

“In the absence of pressure, liquid water in our bodies would boil — changing immediately from a liquid to a gas.

"In essence, all of your body tissues that contain water will start to expand."

He added: "No human can survive this — death is likely in less than two minutes."

NASA also confirmed that the vacuum of space would also pull air out of your lungs in a matter of minutes.

But that's not all - as after the initial surge of oxygen is pushed out of your lungs, it would be replaced by the vaporized liquids from your body.

What a pleasant image.

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