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TikTok is clamping down on 'hateful' content in response to Andrew Tate controversy

TikTok is clamping down on 'hateful' content in response to Andrew Tate controversy

TikTok have said they're working to clamp down on 'hateful' content on the platform after being hit by controversy.

TikTok has promised to clamp down on 'hateful' content after being challenged over videos from Andrew Tate.

If you're not on TikTok you might not have heard of Andrew Tate, and that's possibly for the best as he's ended up at the centre of controversy over comments he's made, which have been used for some of the platform's most popular content.

Videos featuring the former kickboxer have racked up millions of views on the platform, but some are calling for them to be taken down over fears they are filling young minds with 'hateful' content.

Tate has been getting more Google searches than Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian recently as people want to learn more about him, but domestic abuse charities want more to be done over his comments.

Women's Aid previously told UNILAD that Tate's 'derogatory comments about abusing women' were 'as dangerous as it is unacceptable'.

TikTok says they're clamping down on hateful content.
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Charity White Ribbon, which seeks to end male violence against women, slammed Tate's comments as 'extremely misogynistic' and warned they could end up having 'concerning' long-term effects on the younger audiences that frequent TikTok, the Independent reports.

TikTok has now made the promise to crack down on 'hateful ideologies and behaviours' such as misogyny in the wake of an investigation into the spread of content on the platform.

The Observer recently carried out an investigation in which they set up a fake account with a false name and date of birth to pose as an 18-year-old to see what sort of content they'd be offered on the platform.

At first the algorithm gave them a selection of comedy clips, dog videos and TikToks discussing men's mental health, but after watching some videos the suggestions began changing.

After watching two videos featuring Tate the fake account was offered many more to watch, and within a week eight out of the first 20 videos TikTok was recommending featured Andrew Tate.

Promoted videos included clips of Tate saying most men's lives 'suck' as they had 'no power' and 'no sex from their wife', while in another video he describes his girlfriend as 'very well trained'.

The algorithms also recommended content from men's rights activists, and the Observer investigation claims TikTok ended up 'promoting misogynistic content' to young users despite the platform saying they are working to ban it.

People can join TikTok once they turn 13 and can get inundated with all sorts of content.
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In response, TikTok has vowed to clamp down on 'hateful' content, saying in a statement that they will be reviewing their content and introducing more safeguards to protect users, who can be as young as 13 when they join.

TikTok told UNILAD in a statement: "Misogyny and other hateful ideologies and behaviours are not tolerated on TikTok, and we are working to review this content and take action against violations of our guidelines.

"We continually look to strengthen our policies and enforcement strategies, including adding more safeguards to our recommendation system, as part of our work to keep TikTok a safe and inclusive space for our community."

They said they would be investigating the content flagged up and promised to act against accounts and videos found to be in violation of their guidelines.

The platform removes millions of videos each month which they deem not to have met with their guidelines.

With almost half of Gen Z turning to TikTok over Google when they want to find something out, it is crucially important to make sure the platform's algorithms are not pushing 'hateful' content onto young minds.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact The Survivor’s Trust for free on 08088 010 818, or through their website

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