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The 'Perfect Human Body' Created By Biologists Is Creeping People Out

The 'Perfect Human Body' Created By Biologists Is Creeping People Out

Biologists create a mock-up of the 'perfect body' and it's honestly terrifying

Anatomists have created a mock-up of the 'perfect body' – and it's the stuff of nightmares.

'The shock-absorbing legs on an emu' isn't exactly what most people think of when imagining the perfect body.

However, it's what one team dreamed up when they set out to create a body without any human imperfections.

The viral video was part of BBC Four's Can Science Make Me Perfect, and it's recently resurfaced online.

The video shows anatomist Alice Roberts in the final stages of her journey to create her body from scratch, without any human imperfections.

And, honestly, we wish she hadn't.

Unveiling the mock-up body, or Alice 2.0 as it's affectionately called in the show, audience members were rightfully horrified.

The figure with emu legs and a baby's head sticking out of its stomach looks like it could be a deleted scene from the Alien franchise.

Alice Roberts unveils Alice 2.0 a mock up of the perfect body.

Roberts says, before unveiling Frankenstein's monster, that it's 'been an extraordinary project' and that she's 'terribly excited' to see the results.

The anatomist then proceeds to count down with the live audience, which culminates in a scream from Roberts and mixed sounds of repulsion from the crowd.

Everyone then starts laughing because the figure looks like a real-life Avatar character holding an iPhone.

"Oh no, I can't look at it," Roberts says about her supposedly perfect self.

Speaking of the child protruding from the figure's stomach, Roberts adds: "The baby's the weirdest thing. That is the weirdest thing, but it's very cute at the same time."

The baby was added to imagine the idea of pain-free childbirth – and it doesn't seem worth it, to be honest.

Alice 2.0, the stuff of nightmares.

There's then a slow-mo pan around the figure with dramatic music, in case you needed any other reasons to watch the video.

Explaining the odd features of Alice 2.0, Roberts says she's got 'a chimps sturdy lower back' to 'counter the faults of our flawed transition to standing upright.'

She also has the 'shock-absorbing legs of an emu'. That's not all though, to 'improve blood circulation' the figure has 'tiny pumps in her thighs'.

And last, but by no means least: "Beneath her breast-less chest lies the reliable heart of a dog and the graceful lungs of a swan." Because hasn't everyone, at one point in their life, looked at a swan and commented on its graceful lungs...

Alice 2.0 also has a neck with a 'choke proof windpipe' for maximum fighting potential.

While we're honestly still a little confused by what we've just seen, we'd love to see Alice 2.0's Top Trump card.

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Featured Image Credit: BBC/YouTube

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