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Most expensive video game divides opinion as it’s made free for limited time

Most expensive video game divides opinion as it’s made free for limited time

Star Citizen is available to play for free until the end of the month but it has divided opinions so far

Some gamers are less than impressed after playing the world's most expensive video game for free.

Star Citizen is known for having had more than half-a-billion dollars invested into it through crowdfunded payments, with millions also being pumped into development.

The game is a science fiction exploration adventure, and although it's not in a finished state, avid gamers can give it a spin.

The idea is that players can travel around a vast and well-rendered universe in a starship. There are four game modes allowing the player to select the mode that suits them best.

If it sounds like something you'd be into, you and your bank account are in luck. You can play it for free until the end of November, giving players a chance to experience the game early.

Star Citizen doesn't have an official release date.
Roberts Space Industries

However opinions on the game are divided so far, which could be a major area of concern for when the finished product finally lands.

One Twitter user said they were pleased they didn't jump on the 'hype train' and criticised the game's 'laggy locomotion'.

"Just tried Star Citizen for the first time while it's free," their review begins. "A lot of very questionable interface and gameplay decisions, including nausea-inducing laggy locomotion. I'm glad I didn't jump on the hype train for this."

Another Twitter user complained: "Wish I could play Star Citizen but my character needs a reset because of to many bugs but that’s currently disabled."

While a third shared: "I’ll say it. Releasing the RSI Galaxy or any concepts is a huge slap in the face to everyone waiting on ships promised 10 years ago.

"Love Star Citizen, but if they can’t get the BMM out soon then at this rate some of this ships will NEVER make it into the game.."

Despite this, there was also a lot of love for the game and anticipation for the final version.


"I can EASILY see Star Citizen becoming the greatest game of all time once it’s fully done," one Twitter user declared.

A slightly sceptical player said they have hope for the game, writing: "I wouldn't call myself a true believer yet, but if they ever get Star Citizen all polished and functioning smoothly the game will be incredible!! This is my baby. I spent over an hour trying to get around a refueling bug."

While someone else praised the game for being a 'unique experience'.

They tweeted: "This game is stunning.

"Jumped on it during the free fly event and definitely will be purchasing, the immersion and scale is incredible, a truly unique experience."

If you fancy giving it a go yourself, you can head over to the Roberts Space Industries website and create an account, after which you can make download the game

You’ll need 83GB of disk space as well as 16GB of RAM and a graphics card with a minimum of 3GB of RAM.

So, good luck to you and your PC!

Featured Image Credit: Roberts Space Industries

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