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Shocking video shows what it's like for a human to experience 9Gs of force

Shocking video shows what it's like for a human to experience 9Gs of force

A video of a pilot major shows what it is like for a human being to experience 9Gs of force - and it is quite shocking

The typical human being is not built to withstand high levels of G-force, so pilots as an example need to train to adapt to them.

On a normal commercial plane, passengers will experience G-force no higher than 1.3. But fighter pilots, on the other hand, are trained to withstand more intense levels, with all of them taking to G-force simulators to practice.

In these mad machines, fighter pilots experience levels up to an astonishing 9Gs of force.

One fighter pilot, who is dubbed the 'G-force monster', is one of those who is seriously impressive in withstanding the force as his name would suggest.

Major László 'Szatyi' Szatmári renewed his qualification on the JAS-39 Gripen, and the footage from it is quite shocking:

In the video posted to the YouTube channel szoltam, the Major goes from experiencing zero levels of G-force up to 4-6.

After he effortlessly maintains 4-6 levels of G-force for a few seconds, the team push it up as high as 9.

This is when the video turns quite shocking, as the pilot battles the strong levels of force coming his way. His face is moving in all sorts of directions as he grimaces and gasps, with the team reminding him to breath every third second.

Even while he is enduring 9G for 30 seconds, which would make the majority of us pass out, László is still able to communicate with the team.

People are impressed by the pilot being able to withstand the staggering G-force.

As the 30 seconds comes to an end, the pilot is informed he did 9G for 30 seconds and was asked if there were any problems - to which he replied 'no'. Simply mind blowing.

People have taken to the comments on the YouTube video and social media to discuss the video.

One person said: "So many people passing out at 6g and this guy is laughing and making jokes at 9. What a beast."

A second added: "This guy didn’t just stay at 9g for 30 seconds, but had prior about 4,5 tests also leading to 6,7,8,9g with less duration but all in all. Man, this guy not passing out is a mystery."

And a third jokingly said: "My husband makes the same face in the bathroom each morning."

Pilots use the machines so they can fly the likes of the JAS-39 Gripen.
PhotoStock-Israel/Alamy Stock Photo

9G is certainly a lot, but the highest G-force ever experienced and survived by a human is a staggering 214G.

That was experienced by former IndyCar driver Kenny Bräck, following a 220mph crash during a race in 2003.

The driver somehow walked away from the incident with just fractures of his right femur, sternum, lumbar vertebra and ankles.

Featured Image Credit: szoltam/YouTube

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