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Man says ‘we’re so f***ed’ after catching Tesla owner wearing VR goggles whilst driving Cybertruck

Man says ‘we’re so f***ed’ after catching Tesla owner wearing VR goggles whilst driving Cybertruck

The driver is taking handsfree to a whole new level and social media users are not amused.

People are flooding to social media in shock after seeing a video of a Tesla owner driving while seemingly wearing a VR headset.

Look, there's debates about whether or not it's good to multitask or not, but one place you should definitely refrain from doing anything other than focusing on the task at hand is when you're in a vehicle and driving it.

It should really go without saying, but don't try this at home, the road, or anywhere else for that matter.

You can see the craziness for yourself below:

A driver has been caught on camera in their Tesla Cybertruck however, rather than simply cruising along the road, driving with pride and flashing a smile to passersby showing off their expensive car, the driver actually isn't paying attention to anything going on around them at all.

In the video - posted to X (formerly Twitter) by @blakestonks - the driver can be seen wearing a VR headset.

And instead of their hands been firmly planted on the wheel, the driver's arms are lifted in the air as they navigate their way through whatever game, world or space they're absorbed in via the headset.

The driver has all the gear and clearly no idea - and social media users are not amused.

The driver really took 'hands free' up a notch.
X/ @blakstonks

Blake sums the whole experience up perfectly: "We're so f**ked."

And it's fair to say many other social media users agree, flooding to the footage to weigh in on the sighting.

One X user wrote: "Just send the asteroid already."

A second: "I thought the point of VR was the ability to go anywhere without leaving your room?"

"This is why we can't have nice things," a third said.

And a final resolved: "Peak 21st century, it’s all downhill from here."

And another user claimed to have actually seen the same vehicle earlier in the day.

People are stunned by the video.
X/ @blakestonks

Jeff McGrath responded on the thread of the original post saying he 'saw them pulled over on the side of the road' in his neighborhood.

He said: "When I first saw the goggles, from afar I actually thought they were pulled over and we're flying an FPV drone.

"When I got closer to the goggles I realized what they were. They were nice, we had a quick chat, and I left.

"They must have shot this right after I finished talking to them, because this is them leaving away from my neighborhood, on SR-92 in Lehi."

He adds there were two people in their 'early 20s,' the second person 'following in a gray truck'.

UNILAD has contacted Tesla for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ @blakestonks

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