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Rockstar just posted its biggest hint yet that GTA VI's reveal is imminent
Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

Rockstar just posted its biggest hint yet that GTA VI's reveal is imminent

Grand Theft Auto fans think that Rockstar Games may have hinted at when gamers can expect to get their hands on GTA VI

Grand Theft Auto fans have been sent into a frenzy by Rockstar Games.

Gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of GTA VI, which comes over ten years on from its predecessor, GTA V.

So far the date that it hits shelves has been hinted at by Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick, but is yet to be officially confirmed.

"We leave the announcement of our upcoming titles to our labels and we have said we have a very robust pipeline of titles and we have a great outlook for fiscal 2025 where we’ve reiterated our belief that we’ll generate about $8 billion in net bookings and over $1 billion in adjusted operating cash flow," he teased to NBC News last month when asked for GTA VI's release date.

"So, pretty exciting time but we haven’t spoken about the specific release schedule but we have titles coming from all of our labels."

His cryptic answer sparked some to believe that the game might drop between 1 April, 2024 and 31 March, 2025. It may be sooner, however.

In a new promotional picture shared to Rockstar Games' X page (formerly known as Twitter), the game developer plugs the new Red Happy Moon tees that GTA players can purchase.

"Happy Moon Festival!" they wrote.

"Play GTA Online anytime this week to get the Red Happy Moon Tee and join the festivities."

This year the Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, falls today, September 29.

But it's what is in the background that has got GTA fans' chins wagging.

Behind one of the characters is a the large 'VI' of the Vinewood sign - and people think it is Rockstar teasing GTA VI's release.

"The VI has got to be intentional they're just f**king with us now lmao," said one person.

Another excited gamer wrote: "THE 'VI' IN THE BACKGROUND."

"This was definitely done on purpose," echoed another, as a fourth added: "We are close to a GTA 6 reveal I can feel it in my bones."

It's been a decade since GTA V was released.
Rockstar Games

Rockstar has given little away about the new game, but there have been some leaks.

One leak in recent days revealed the game could have a 750GB file size, while also providing a whopping 400 hours of gameplay.

Another leak teased that GTA may be introducing its first-ever female protagonist called Lucia. But, beyond her name and look, we don't know much else about the character.

The other main playable character protagonist is said to be called Jason.

Either way, I'm sure it'll be worth the 10-year wait.

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