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Gamer makes harrowing discovery after their PC begins to overheat
Featured Image Credit: Evgeniy Shkolenko/Getty Images/u/Thejus_Parol/Reddit

Gamer makes harrowing discovery after their PC begins to overheat

After noticing their PC was overheating, the gamer made a shocking discovery when they opened it up

Fixing a computer can be a tricky business, but one gamer found more than they bargained for when they noticed their PC was overheating.

There are any number of things which might go wrong inside a PC, but this was one bug which they were not expecting.

That's because when the gamer opened up the computer to a take a look inside, they found literal bugs inside.

Yes, you read that right.

The gamer made a shocking discovery after taking apart their PC.

It turned out that a colony of ants had invaded the inside of the PC. Not only that but they were chewing up the interior of it making it run slower.

Not quite what you'd expect to find inside a PC.

The gamer took to Reddit to share their exasperation with the scenario, writing: "So, I was using my PC as usual, but I noticed that my max GPU temps were rising a bit. When I checked if the fans were spinning correctly, I saw ants marching on my GPU [graphics processing unit] and on top of my case. They were even coming out from the heatsink of the GPU."

The ants got themselves set up inside the PC.

They took apart the computer to check the extent of the damage that the marauding insects had caused.

The Reddit user continued: "That's when I got worried and disassembled it. They were eating the thermal pads and thermal paste, so I had to use a hairdryer to blow them out of there.

"Since I don't have any spare thermal paste, I had to spread the remaining paste inside the GPU on itself."

So, the ants were somehow eating or taking away the paste that helps to prevent the system from overheating.

The gamer took to Reddit for advice.

They added: "Now my temperatures are up by 20°C, and I've cleaned all of my PC with 99% IPA and used an anti-insect spray on the table. Later, another set of ants appeared in the exact same place, doing the exact same thing, eating my GPU alive."

The whole situation left the gamer at a complete loss as to how to get rid of the pesky insects.

They wrote: "They even bypassed the anti insect spray. Now I'm worried sick about destroying my PC with ant acids."

People offered some tips as to how to deal with the problem.

One wrote: "I'd recommend making a 'magic circle' of chalk dust around your pc (chalk up the wires leading to it as well). That will cut their pheromone trails."

Another suggested: "I know this sounds crazy, but all you gotta do is clean."

A third said: "I never knew this could happen. New fear unlocked for me."

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