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Browser launches feature that replaces your 'dirty' search history with wholesome entries after you die

Browser launches feature that replaces your 'dirty' search history with wholesome entries after you die

'Fake My History' will replace your questionable search history with things like 'how to build a birdhouse'

You can now 'fake' your internet search history when you die.

Opera GX, which is a browser for gamers, has just released a new feature called 'Fake My History', which will replace your questionable internet searches with wholesome content after you die.

Or, after two weeks of inactivity.

If your parents or partner ever figure out your password following your tragic demise, instead of coming face to face with a search history full of porn and sex toy purchases, they'll find things like cute puppies and 'how to be a good son'.

So now you can continue to search the internet for wild conspiracy theories, celebrity gossip, and X-rated videos that would make even the most seasoned porn watcher blush without a hassle.

If you go quiet for 14 days, the feature will assume you've died and take care of your dirty little secrets for you.

Some of the search history terms that the feature will deploy in the event of your untimely death include 'local volunteer opportunities,' 'free online courses for personal growth', 'how to encourage voting in my community', and 'how to build a birdhouse'.

Opera Gx.

I don't know about you but my friends and family would be immediately suspicious if they found those terms in my search history.

“In life, there are no saves, respawns or checkpoints – anything can happen. When it does, what will you be remembered for? The Lara Croft body pillow you ordered online? With ‘Fake My History,’ we’re wiping the slate clean and replacing your scandalous digital shenanigans with a totally fake version of your browsing past,” said Maciej Kocemba, Product Director, Opera GX.

Users can also choose to activate the service whenever they like by selecting the 'Pretend I'm Already Dead' box, which is handy, I guess.

The Opera GX browser also has a feature called Hot Tabs Killer, which lets users kill the most resource-draining tabs, and another one called GX Cleaner, which purges old unwanted files.

Featured Image Credit: Delmaine Donson/Getty Images. Universal Pictures.

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