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Hogwarts Legacy 2 is set to be unplayable for millions of fans
Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

Hogwarts Legacy 2 is set to be unplayable for millions of fans

A sequel to the much loved game could be out of reach for millions

If you've spent the last year exploring everything the Wizarding World has to offer on Hogwarts Legacy, then I've got both good news and bad news.

The good news is that the game is primed for a sequel, with gaming industry insiders even reportedly confirming the news that a follow-up is on the way.

The bad news is, millions of fans are likely to be excluded from being able to play it.

I know - it's a tough blow. Allow me to explain further.

Back in September, insider MyTimeToShineH took to X to share the exciting claim that a sequel is more than just a dream had by fans.

“Sources confirmed that a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is in the works," the post said.

The news came more than six months after the original game was first released; enough time for fans to well and truly fall in love with the title and to create huge anticipation for a sequel.

Fans already think they've identified the perfect protagonist for a follow-up, with many agreeing that the ability to 'import characters' from the original game would be the perfect way to go.

Hogwarts Legacy broke records with its release
Warner Bros Games

But unfortunately, fans might be getting ahead of themselves by thinking about who exactly they'll be playing is.

This is where we have to face the reality of the bad news.

When thinking about a Hogwarts Legacy 2, it's worth keeping in mind that while the original game released in February 2023, that was only on the latest consoles out there, including PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

It wasn't until three months later that fans with PS4 and Xbox One consoles got their hands on the game, indicating issues in the game's development for the older consoles.

Hogwarts Legacy fans are desperate for a sequel.

The game's arrival came three years after it was officially unveiled in 2020, though it's believed development actually began around 2018, indicating there was a five-year gap between the start of development and release.

If the timeline is the same on a potential sequel, that means it could be 2028 by the time it arrives.

As a result, the chances that the game will arrive on last-gen consoles are very, very slim, meaning all the fans out there enjoying their games on PS4 and Xbox One could be left out altogether.

It's probably not the news fans of the game want to hear - but I suppose anything can happen in the Wizarding World; fans will just have to hope for a bit of magic.

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