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DoorDash customer warns others of driver ‘scam’ after food went missing
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/iamjmist

DoorDash customer warns others of driver ‘scam’ after food went missing

She took to TikTok to warn DoorDash customers of the scam reportedly being carried out on the app

DoorDash can be a very useful tool for anyone who wants something brought around conveniently, but now one user has warned of a 'scam'.

TikToker J Mist had ordered pizza for her and her family one evening using DoorDash to have the food delivered.

The TikToker explained that she had left clear instructions for the driver for where to leave the package.

She'd also specified she wanted the driver to hand her the food rather than leave it at the door.

She said: "My instructions said to hand it to me, in thy palm."

She also told the driver to call her if she was struggling to find her flat.

But J Mist heard nothing until 'out of nowhere' she received an order complete notification, alongside a picture of the pizza outside her door.

She said: "It set me back tremendously because the food was meant to be laid in thy palm.

"Why the f*** you leave me freshly baked box of pizza in the lobby for anyone to be looking at, grabbing it, and taking?"

But things only got worse from there.

J Mist never got her order.

When J Mist went down to retrieve her dinner, it was nowhere to be seen.

She said: "I decided to analyze the picture a bit more.

"Now do y’all see how the box of pizza is just thrown on the ledge, it’s halfway hanging off?

"That makes me feel like [the driver] just threw it on the ledge for the picture and then after the picture she took it.

"She probably took it for her kids, cause her kids gotta eat too, I understand. But damn my kids gotta eat, too. And you was gonna do me like that?”

The picture from the DoorDash driver made J Mist suspicious.

She added: "Once I seen my food wasn’t down in the lobby I told her you never dropped my food off. You picked it right back up after the picture.

"I had instructions on how to get to my apartment, plus it said hand to me, in thy palm, not drop it off in the lobby.

"But it’s all good cause DoorDash handled it they gave me my credits back even though it was late as all hell and I didn’t even the energy to order anything else so I just ate some barbecue chips. I had barbecue chips for dinner.”

DoorDash said in the comments to the video: "We're so sorry to hear your order never made it to you. Please shoot us an email."

UNILAD has reached out to DoorDash for comment.

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