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Apple announces special event date with expected reveal of new iPhone 15

Apple announces special event date with expected reveal of new iPhone 15

The event will tease the latest iPhone and Apple Watch technology

Apple have teased hints at their new iPhone 15 as part of their next 'special' event in September.

The tech giant's events, which typically unveil new technology and wow Apple fans with upcoming launches, are always highly anticipated and the Wonderlust event live from Apple Park on September 12 is expected to be no different.

Apple have already teased new features for the new iPhone 15, and by sharing the Apple logo in grey, blue, and black they've hinted at new color options for the phone too.

The smartphone is expected to be the event's highlight, and is expected to come with some snazzy new features that see a change in how Apple has done things previously.

The lightning style charger point is expected to be updated for a more universal style USB-C port which could make charging faster and more efficient.

When asked if Apple would move to USB-C last month, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak said the company has 'no choice'.

He said the company would 'comply with local laws', so that's another change that could be fast approaching.

Apple's next big event, titled Wonderlust, will happen on September 12.

It's not just a new charging point that's expected to be an upgrade, Apple is rumoured to have created two new modules which merely simulate the feeling of pressing buttons, without actually doing so, with the help of haptic technology.

It has also been suggested that the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus is set to adopt the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, as well as implementing a new 48-megapixel primary rear camera.

The more premium phones, such as the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, are expected to see luxury style touches including titanium frames, thinner bezels, big camera improvements and the new USB-C ports.

Yet these new changes are expected to make the price a lot higher, so if you're itching for a new upgrade, you might want to dig deep.

The charging port is expected to be one of the major new updates.

The event won't just be about new phones and new charging points - there will also be a new range of Apple Watches on show too, as they will introduce new Series 9 smartwatches with 41-45 millimetre screens, alongside a new version of their Apple Watch Ultra.

This comes after it was announced that Apple would also be paying out claims in the $500m iPhone slowdown lawsuit after users claimed that their phones were deliberately slowed down by the tech giant after installing updates.

Back in 2017, people began to notice that some of their device’s performance issues were related to their batteries. However, after having the battery replaced, they noticed that the issues were resolved, according to data from Geekbench.

The next Apple event will also showcase new Apple Watches.

The performance issues were documented on Reddit and Geekbench developer John Poole mapped out the declining performance of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 as proof. Poole concluded that after downloading iOS 10.2.1 and 11.2.0 updates, performance was noticeably affected.

Three million people filed claims in the class action lawsuit against the tech company, which claimed that the performance of older iPhones were deliberately slowed down with a new iOS update.

Apple reached a settlement, agreeing to pay $310-$500m and denied any wrongdoing. How much Apple pays to customers will depend on the number of claims approved.

Featured Image Credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images / BRITTANY HOSEA-SMALL/AFP via Getty Images

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