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Apple shows off iPhone 15's USB-C port and announces all of its devices will use it
Featured Image Credit: Apple

Apple shows off iPhone 15's USB-C port and announces all of its devices will use it

The USB-C is going to be Apple's charging port from now on

As predicted, Apple have ditched the lightning charging port in favour of USB-C and the tech giant has announced that it'll be the standard across their new devices.

While pretty much everyone else had made the switch over to the USB-C, Apple had stuck to their lightning charging port, but now the company behind the iPhone have bowed to the pressures of reality.

We say that because at the launch of the iPhone 15, one of the myriad changes they announced to the design was the introduction of the USB-C universal charging port, replacing the lightning port which has been standard on Apple devices since the iPhone 5.

They're doing this because new European Union regulations require that from the end of 2024 onwards, all mobile phones, tablets and handheld cameras would have to have a USB-C charging slot.

That spelled the end of the road for the lightning port and the launch of the iPhone 15 was tipped as the moment when the tech giant said they would make the switch.

The USB-C is one of the new iPhone 15 features, see it tucked away in the corner there?

Thus it was predicted and so it turned out to be, as near the end of their unveiling video full of Apple executives standing in weird locations, they announced that the iPhone 15 would indeed switch to USB-C.

As well as switching from their own special charging port to the industry standard for the iPhone, Apple has it on their other devices as well.

Their newest iPads and MacBooks can be charged by the USB-C, while their latest Apple TV streaming devices also ditched the lightning port in favour of USB-C.

Bit by bit the Apple product range has seen the phasing out of lightning ports in favour of the USB-C, with Apple admitting they 'have no choice' but to go along with it.

Last year they said: "Governments get to do what they do and obviously we'll have to comply. We have no choice."

The lightning port is dead, long live USB-C.

The reaction to the introduction of the USB-C has been pretty jubilant, with plenty taking to social media to welcome our new universal charging port overlords.

"There it is. USB-C baby," one wrote, while another said that Apple moving over to a 'common charger is common sense'.

Someone else said 'well done Apple' for finally getting with the USB-C program that the cool phone manufacturers are with these days.

A fourth said it'd mean 'faster charging, easier data transfers and more compatibility with accessories'.

Sounds pretty good all in all, doesn't it?

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