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Apple stores warn people not to use Android USB-C chargers to stop new iPhone 15 overheating
Featured Image Credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images/Ming Yeung/Getty Images

Apple stores warn people not to use Android USB-C chargers to stop new iPhone 15 overheating

Multiple Apple stores in China have warned users against using Android USB-C chargers with iPhone 15.

Tech junkies were able to get their hands on the iPhone 15 last week, with millions across the globe heading to their nearest Apple store to bag the new handset.

As is with every year, Tim Cook and co discussed some of the new features on the latest model, which was certainly dominated this year by the new iPhone being compatible with the far more universal USB-C cables thanks to new legislation enforced by the European Parliament.

Effectively, the transition from Lightning to USB-C means that a previous Android user can switch to any one of the four models without having to switch out the charger.

However, since iPhone 15 released last week, it has been dogged with numerous overheating issues, with some users even reporting the device getting too hot to even hold.

Apple has acknowledged the possibility of the device getting very hot in an interview with IGN, where president Tim Millet said the iPhone 15 Pro theoretically has the power to 'burn a hole' through the back.

Now, a warning has been issued about using Android USB-C chargers as apparently they can make iPhone 15 models overheat.

iPhone 15 has been dogged with reported overheating issues since launch.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

An Apple store in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, has warned iPhone 15 users about using USB-C cables that come bundled with Android devices or are specifically designed for that type of mobile device.

While those tech savvy may already know, the vast majority of us are certainly in the camp where we aren't even aware there are different types of USB-C cables.

In an Android-specific USB-C cable, there is smaller gap between the single-row 9-pin and single-row 11-pin connectors, subsequently increasing the chances of overheating issues.

The warning isn't just linked to this particular Chinese store though, with a recent report from Chinese portal CNMO saying multiple Apple-exclusive stores across the China have issued a similar warning.

However, critics have suggested that this could be Apple's attempt to encourage iPhone 15 users to purchase the company's own USB-C cables.

iPhone 15 introduced a universal USB-C port.
Ming Yeung/Getty Images

Well, it would certainly make sense from the business side of things, as Apple could charge for another product instead of users just using a cable that is already in the house.

Even more so, the Apple variant is priced higher than the Android counterpart.

It should be worth noting though that an incident has not been reported where an iPhone 15's USB-C port has melted due to using an Android cable.

There is no mention of not using Android USB-C cables on the Apple user guide, though it does state not to 'charge your iPhone by connecting it to your keyboard, unless your keyboard has a high-power USB port'.

UNILAD has contacted Apple for comment.

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