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Aerial footage shows insane progress and scale of Saudi Arabia’s $1 trillion giga-project ‘The Line’
Featured Image Credit: Neom / Giles Pendleton FRICS / LinkedIn

Aerial footage shows insane progress and scale of Saudi Arabia’s $1 trillion giga-project ‘The Line’

The footage shows the building plans for the $1 trillion 'skyscraper housing' project.

A $1 trillion super-city is currently under construction in Saudi Arabia, and the photos already look insane.

The project was doubted as 'almost impossible', but 'The Line' is due to be completed in 2030.

If you haven't heard of The Line, it's basically a huge mirrored skyscraper laid on its side in the desert, which looks like something out of Black Mirror.

It's been designed in the hopes of housing a whopping nine million people once it's completed.

I know what you're thinking, living in a skyscraper in the desert?

YES. How cool?

They've appropriately named the project 'The Line', as it's 105 miles long, along the stretch of the desert, as well as 200m wide.

It's said to be a 'city's worth of space' - just in a new, unique format that we've yet to see.

This is how it will look when it's finished.
Production has started. Credit:Giles Pendleton FRICS / LinkedIn
Production has started. Credit:Giles Pendleton FRICS / LinkedIn

Unsurprisingly, The Line is said to have hit a few challenges along the way - even getting construction started - but after years of problem-solving and an investment of $1 trillion, the project is now underway.

Now, though, Giles Pendleton, the Chief Operating Officer for The Line, shared to LinkedIn some breathtaking shots that give us an insight into what The Line may look like.

He wrote in the post: "How to answer the naysayers about the incredible work being done in NEOM? Show a cross section of the world's largest building site from the mountains to the sea."

In the pictures, which look like they've been taken via a drone or helicopter, shows how complex the building plan is the 'The Line' - and just how huge it'll be.

You can even see the construction from satellites.
YouTube/The Line
$1 trillion has been invested.
Giles Pendleton FRICS / LinkedIn

Being the first of its kind, you can also see the layout of The Line, in what looks to be the infrastructure for big work sites, factories and housing for some of the many, many workers who need accommodation while working on it.

The mega-project is being built as part of Neom, a new urban area that's being built in the northwest of Saudi Arabia (which apart from The Line seems pretty barren).

It's going to be a one-of-a-kind project with a sleek design including high-speed rail that transports residents from end to end of the massive complex in just 20 minutes, year-round climate control of all indoor and outdoor spaces, and all amenities within a five minute walk.

All I can say is sign me up, ASAP.

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