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Stunning life-size Minecraft city took 11 years and 400 people to build

Stunning life-size Minecraft city took 11 years and 400 people to build

This is very impressive...

A stunning life-size Minecraft city is finally complete, 11 years after the project began by the original creator.

Greenfield is fully-fledged US city reaching nearly 60 square kilometers and is impressively built on a one-to-one scale.

To reach the point it has today, Greenfield has had 400 Minecraft fanatics work on it, with work originally beginning in 2011.

Its creators said: "Greenfield is a city like no other. We are built to the finest detail, but also carefully planned on a large scale. We have designed the city on a 1:1 scale, which means one block is equivalent to one meter- this scale allows us to create the feeling you are walking in a real city relative to the size of the Steve character.

Greenfield is a one-to-one scale.
Greenfield Minecraft/ YouTube

"Greenfield is a fictional city designed to resemble the West Coast of America, laboriously inspired by Los Angeles.

"Built to a one-to-one scale, every single building in Greenfield has substantial detail with carefully detailed elaborate surroundings. With a substantially sizable airport to lavish homes and businesses, Greenfield is one of the largest, most complex, and detailed original cities in Minecraft.

"The types of builds you will find in Greenfield are the same buildings you would find in a real life city on the west coast. There is a Downtown which has many large skyscrapers (all completed interiors), rich suburbs, poor decaying ghettos, industrial areas, as well as a vast network of roads, interstates, and railways."

In 2011, the project started with just a single petrol station built by THEJESTR11, and it is fair to say the map has gone a long way since then.

The petrol station still sits at its original coordinates from 2011, with many other buildings built around its surrounding areas.

THEJESTR11 has recruited players from every age spectrum to help with the city project.

People helping with the LA-inspired city included high school students to retirees, hobbyists to hardcore fans, and even real-life architects and software engineers.

The project started with just one petrol station back in 2011.
Greenfield Minecraft/YouTube

Players who own Minecraft can jump into the impressive city, but there are ways for non-Minecraft players to experience it.

You can take a bird's eye view of Greenfield with the dynmap to view all the nooks and crannies of the detailed map.

Also, for anyone heading to Los Angles or any part of the US West Coast, it may be a useful to see what you are in for before heading out there.

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Featured Image Credit: Greenfield

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