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Joe Rogan is scared about artificial intelligence after hearing an AI version of his podcast

Joe Rogan is scared about artificial intelligence after hearing an AI version of his podcast

The controversial podcaster was understandably freaked out about the technology.

Joe Rogan has been shaken to his core after hearing artificial intelligence have a crack at creating its own version of his podcast.

Rogan has issued a warning about AI after the fake episode went live, which was published with the power of AI chatbot ChatGPT.

The real Rogan tweeted: "This is going to get very slippery, kids."

And, well, we can see why he was spooked.

The Joe Rogan AI Experience was 'intended as an exploration of the capabilities of language models'.

It manages that and then some.

The fake episode went live on April 4 on YouTube, stunning listeners and even Rogan himself with the creepy accuracy of the dupe.

The 51-minute episode of AI-generated instalment of The Joe Rogan Experience contains a conversation between 'Joe Rogan' and CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman and is nearly flawless in its mimicry of the divisive host.

It kicks off with a disclaimer that says the 'ideas and opinions expressed in the podcast are not reflective of [their actual] thoughts.'

A disclaimer is great, we guess, but not nearly close enough to warning listeners not to be fooled by the fake Rogan.

It then continues on with the AI-generated version of Rogan welcoming the audience to The Joe Rogan AI Experience.

The fake Rogan manages to copy the real deal's linguistic, manner and tone in a way that manages to be both impressive and eerie.

The faux-Rogan then continues with: "I'm your host, Joe Rogan, or at least that's what this AI model thinks I sound like.

"Let me tell you, folks, this is some next-level stuff we've got going on here today."

It adds: "Every single word of this podcast has been generated with the help of ChatGPT."

The conversation between the two fake voices carries on.

To the casual listener, the interview sounds more-or-less like any other Joe Rogan podcast.

Gina Kelly / Alamy

Occasionally, syntax and speech patterns seem slightly off, but the ChatGPT version manages to sprinkle in some 'ums' and 'ahs' as if the host or his guest were searching for words much like a regular person would in conversation.

Sometimes, the pauses appear a little too frequently or at inappropriate or odd moments.

Additionally, sentences sometimes seem overly complicated or just a bit off.

So, there you have it, folks.

Don't believe everything you hear and take fake Joe Rogan with a grain of salt.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Joe Rogan Experience

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