People are shocked at image the James Webb telescope managed to capture

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People are shocked at image the James Webb telescope managed to capture

Featured Image Credit: Nasa/Judy Schmidt

People are shocked about the image the James Webb Telescope has managed to capture.

As if we weren't already obsessed with the far-seeing telescope being able to peer through dust clouds, now it's sent back pictures of a galaxy prettier than we could ever imagine.

The new image shows the heart of the M74, or Phantom Galaxy 32 million light-years away from Earth, in the constellation Pisces.

The M74 galaxy. Credit: Nasa/Judy Schmidt
The M74 galaxy. Credit: Nasa/Judy Schmidt

Excited about the new image, Nasa's Webb Telescope page posted to Twitter, saying: "Feast your eyes on the beautiful spiral structure of the Phantom Galaxy, M74, as seen by Webb in the mid-infrared. Delicate filaments of dust and gas wind outwards from the centre of the galaxy, which has a ring of star formation around its nucleus."

And it really is a sight to behold, with the telescope using its Mid-InfraRed Instrument to peer into the galaxy, revealing its defined spiral arms and filaments of dust and gas cascading inwards.

The new image was captured as part of an attempt to chart 19 nearby galaxies that form stars.

While the galaxies have previously been observed by Nasa using the Hubble Telescope, the James Webb Telescope offers a far clearer picture.

With Nasa comparing the two alongside each other: "@NASAHubble’s observations of M74 revealed bright areas of star formation in visible and ultraviolet wavelengths. Webb’s infrared vision is helping to pinpoint these regions, accurately measure the masses and ages of star clusters, and gain insight into interstellar dust."

People, of course, were excited to see further into the stars, with one user writing: "I love this!!! How amazing to see.. to be in a world and see such things it’s breathtaking…"

While another added: "It looks like the galaxy is made up of a giant cosmic spider's web!" To be fair, they've got a point.

Another was thankful that we lucked out with the placement of our planet: "All these galaxy pictures have me thinking how lucky our blue planet was to hit the goldilocks zone and for us then to become the beneficiaries of that luck."

A fourth said that they wanted to see even further, saying: "Can you imagine how beautiful it might be in that blue center? We here on Earth have spectacular views, images, and textures to absorb..but my heart yearned to “see” this place."

And we don't blame them, it looks incredible!

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