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iPhones and AirPods 'to switch to USB-C in 2023'

iPhones and AirPods 'to switch to USB-C in 2023'

A tech expert has predicted that Apple will change the way you'll charge your phones from next year onwards.

A tech expert has predicted that iPhones and AirPods could soon end up with new charging points as the drive to adopt USB-C grows.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reckons that all AirPod models released in 2023 will be launched with USB-C charging cases rather than the lightning cable they currently use.

He also suggested that the iPhone 15, due to be released in 2023, will come with a USB-C charging point and mark the moment Apple devices move away from lightning cables.

The more devices switch to coming with a USB-C port, the more Apple products will have to keep up with the changes to make sure all the different bits of kit are operating on the same level.

Bloomberg also reported back in May that Apple was testing iPhones with USB-C rather than lightning ports.

However, there are some phones and devices due to be released later on this year which look set to keep the lightning port that's become associated with Apple's range of products.

The redesign is going to be mandatory for Apple devices sold in the European Union anyway, as a court ruling states that all companies have to introduce common USB-C charging ports on their smaller devices by Autumn 2024.

The iPhone's current charging port, which on many of their devices doubles up as a headphone jack, is made to fit Apple's lightning cables, which are smaller than USB-C leads and therefore won't fit the new requirements.

From late 2024 onwards all smartphones sold in the EU have to have a USB-C slot, so unless Apple wants to stop selling phones to Europe it'll have to make models which have the proper charging slot.

On top of that, unless they want to make an EU-specific model which you charge via a USB-C cable, then the adaptations will need to be rolled out across their new products, and that includes AirPods too.

USB-C cables are thicker than the lightning ones current Apple devices use to charge.
Thibault Renard / Alamy Stock Photo

Apple had tried to push against legislation which would make phones be required to provide a USB-C charging point, arguing that such a move would be restrictive and stifle innovation.

As for current Apple releases, the tech company is set to release the iPhone 14 later on this year and that could be the last iPhone sent out which still gets charged using a lightning cable.

It seems as though the future is heading towards USB-C cables as universal chargers and the next couple of years could render Apple's famous lightning cables a thing of the past.

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