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GTA VI's release date has just been narrowed down by Rockstar's parent company

GTA VI's release date has just been narrowed down by Rockstar's parent company

It's been 18 months since it was announced but we have a clearer picture of when GTA VI is coming

It's coming up to 10 years since GTA fans were able to enjoy the release of a brand new game - yes it really has been almost a decade since Grand Theft Auto V.

Then again GTA V was an absolutely massive game which brought in the big bucks for Rockstar and plenty of people spent their time on GTA Online to give it plenty of legs.

However, the announcement 18 months ago that there was going to be a GTA VI was plenty of good news for gamers, but ever since then details have been thin.

There have been leaks and claims to have found snippets of gameplay to tease and tantalize fans with while they wait for the big day when the game actually releases.

We're pretty sure that it's supposed to be coming sometime between mid-2024 and late 2025 as Rockstar Games owner Take-Two Interactive have said it reckons its financial figures will look much better in the fiscal years of 2025 and 2026.

It's been almost a decade since GTA V released.
Rockstar Games

The 2025 fiscal year actually starts in April 2024, so while they haven't said as much, if the company is expecting those to be the good times that looks like the release window for what would be a hugely anticipated game.

Fortunately for GTA fans that potential release window might have narrowed down even further after a recent earnings call where Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said they were expecting a 'significant inflection point ... which we believe will include new record levels of operating performance' between April 2024 to March 2025.

It's not a massive change from what we were already expecting but it narrows it down a bit as well as potentially soothing fears that releasing sometime in 2024 to 2025 meant late 2025.

Zelnick said he was expecting GTA VI to be 'nothing short of perfection' so that might be why the game is taking a while.

When the new GTA game releases you'll be able to drive dangerously and shoot people to your heart's content in even nicer graphics.
Rockstar Games

Of course, he would say that because he's hardly going to call it a disappointing let-down in the making, especially as the production and marketing costs for GTA VI could make it the most expensive game of all time to make.

Since GTA V was the second highest-selling game of all time after Minecraft it's the sort of series that could justify that kind of budget and make it work by just selling so many copies.

While gamers will have to sit tight and wait for anything more concrete about exactly when we can expect to play the next Grand Theft Auto game, the signs for us getting our hands on it within the next couple of years are positive.

Either that or Take-Two has got something else incredible up its sleeve, in which case we'd welcome that as well.

Featured Image Credit: Hossein Diba/Rockstar Games

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