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GTA VI's release date has quietly been announced by Rockstar Games

GTA VI's release date has quietly been announced by Rockstar Games

Publisher Take Two may have revealed when exactly when the long awaited-for game will hit the shelves.

The bigwigs behind Grand Theft Auto 6 might have just revealed when fans will be able to get their mitts on the new game.

Game publisher Take-Two Interactive, which owns Rockstar Games, has dropped a press release along with their yearly earnings report and it could hold a major hint about the launch status of the highly anticipated GTA 6.

They shared their projections for the coming years, projecting a massive fiscal boost for years 2025 and 2026.

The fiscal year for 2025 will begin in April of 2024... it's a weird finance thing.

Anyway, the press release states: "Looking ahead, Fiscal 2025 is a highly anticipated year for our Company.

"For the last several years, we have been preparing our business to release an incredibly robust pipeline of projects that we believe will take our company to even greater levels of success.

GTA 6 could be launching sooner than fans think.
Rockstar Games

"In Fiscal 2025, we expect to enter this new era by launching several groundbreaking titles that we believe will set new standards in our industry and enable us to achieve over USD $8 billion in Net Bookings and over $1 billion in Adjusted Unrestricted Operating Cash Flow.

"We expect to sustain this momentum by delivering even higher levels of operating results in Fiscal 2026 and beyond."

If you're not a brainy numbers whiz, you may be confused as Take-Two doesn't exactly name Grand Theft Auto here.

However, it is unlikely any other game under their captaincy will do that sort of heavy lifting for them.

This is especially highlighted by the fact that in this past fiscal year it reached $5.3 billion, which was a record annual high for the gaming publisher.

And this record-breaking number was achieved for them after the acquisition of game developer Zynga, which was responsible for previous heavy-hitter mobile games such as Farmville.

Before Take-Two's acquisition of Zynga, the company's regular annual net bookings were looking at around the ballpark of about $3 billion.

The last GTA game came in 2013.
Rockstar Games

So, in order to hit that $8 billion target, Take-Two either needs to acquire a significant number of developers and titles, or it needs to double the number of games it has historically released.

Or, it needs to drop a game so utterly wanted by fans it would send profits sky-high.

And the only title it has on the bench that could dream of hitting such numbers is the next installment of Grand Theft Auto, seeing as the last installment dropped a decade ago in 2013.

Although it must be stressed that nothing has yet been confirmed, with Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick claiming to that the $8 billion target wasn’t due to any 'specific titles', and rather the full scope of games in the works.

But if the speculation is true, 2024 really isn't very far away so GTA fans may not have that long to wait after all!

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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