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GameStop manager shares what working at the store is really like today

GameStop manager shares what working at the store is really like today

TikTok creator @redsonjatv opened up about what it's like to work at GameStop, with the Twitch streamer sharing clips of her empty branch

A manager at Gamestop has gone viral on TikTok after she shared a video of what it’s like working at the struggling store.

Released after what the TikToker says is the most recent round of redundancies, the video makes for sad viewing as the shop appears empty, despite it being fully stocked.

More than 6.4 million people have now watched the video, which was uploaded by TikTok user Victoria Chandler on Saturday (18 February).

Better known as @redsonjatv on TikTok, the creator can be seen shrugging and looking incredibly disheartened as she pans around the empty store.

“Everything’s on clearance. No one comes in anymore and the corporate layoffs have started," she wrote in the overlay text, sharing a clip of the many Funkos on sale.

In the background, viewers can hear the soundtrack from Titanic playing as she explains that the brand is allegedly making more redundancies.

The creator looks visibly upset in the short clip.

Back in 2021, the company said it was 'focused on transforming into a customer-obsessed technology company to delight gamers,' which also meant shifting focus to e-commerce. The brand is also reportedly set to close down its distribution centre.

The TikToker's video came much to the horror of nostalgic fans who drew parallels with Blockbuster in the comments.

One viewer wrote: “I went down with Blockbuster's ship. We salute you.”

Others joined, with the video quickly gaining over 31,000 comments – mostly from people sharing their memories of shopping there as teens.

Another added that it was ‘the best part’ of their childhood, while one user also spoke about how they still shop at the store with their young son.

She even shared footage of the empty store.

While the empty stores are sad for former shoppers, it’s been devastating for Victoria and her colleague, with many of them wondering whether their jobs are secure.

She’s been with the brand since 2005 and has previously loved her role, saying that it used to be a ‘great job’ and that her co-workers had become some of her best friends.

“How can you not like this job? You literally sell happiness,” she told UNILAD, adding: “I love selling games and talking to customers about gaming, it’s my passion.”

Gamestop has made several rounds of redundancies.
Jerome Wilson / Alamy Stock Photo

As well as being creator on Twitch, the TikToker has plans to open her own store.

“I love helping people, creating a happy moment and making that connection, it’s my dream to run a gaming store of my own one day,” she explained, before adding: “I will miss Gamestop when I eventually leave."

UNILAD has reached out to GameStop for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @redsonjattv/TikTok

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