Large Hadron Collider Scientist Hits Back Against Conspiracy Theories

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Large Hadron Collider Scientist Hits Back Against Conspiracy Theories

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Ever since the Large Hadron Collider fired up for the first time in years, conspiracy theorists have been coming out in force and blamed phenomena such as the Mandela Effect and reality shifts on the huge machine.

Well, scientists at CERN want everyone to know that it’s definitely not their fault.

The nuclear brainiacs operating the Large Hadron Collider decided they wanted to have another whirl at finding out more secrets of the universe earlier this month.

The monster proton smasher was wheeled out for a third time to see if they could unlock more discoveries on the level of the Higgs-Boson particle. 

Credit: Rod Jones / Alamy
Credit: Rod Jones / Alamy

Or simply find out more about the building blocks of our universe.

Of course, in the age of TikTok and social media, anyone can claim to be an expert, and theories, whether outrageously false or not, can spread like wildfire. 

Clara Nellist, a particle physicist from CERN has been doing God’s work and shutting down any crazy theories or at least, clearing the Large Hadron Collider of any wrongdoing.

She told VICE’s Motherboard: “I’ve seen a lot of videos go viral making claims about CERN, and when I see that it tells me we need to communicate even further, because they’re getting informed by the conspiracy theories they hear.”

Nellist is using TikTok to fight against the conspiracy theories that are raging through the social media platform.

She's posting under the handle @ParticleClara to inform the world about the Large Hadron Collider and shut down any ridiculous theories.

One TikToker tried to claim that CERN had manipulated time and space to change the packaging of ‘Double Stuffed Oreos’.

Gesturing to a package that says ‘Double Stuf’ he says: “Since when does ‘Double STUFFED Oreos…”

Nellist quickly cuts him off saying: “Look, bro, just because you misremembered something does not mean CERN is going around changing your Oreos.

"There are much higher energy particle collisions happening in our atmosphere all the time. What CERN is doing is tiny in comparison.

"I can promise you we’re not going around changing the labels on your food.” 

Meanwhile, others have taken aim at the logo of CERN itself.

In a video where Nellist explains how CERN landed on the design of its logo, there were many that were convinced it came from the devil himself.

One commented: “Looks like 666.”

Another said: “It’s literally 666 you can’t deny that.”

Whilst some believe the Large Hadron Collider could potentially give everyone supernatural powers, referencing the completely non-fictional story from DC’s The Flash.

One user commented: “Don’t we remember anything from The Flash?”

To which Nellist replied: “The main thing to learn from The Flash is to put a roof over your particle accelerator if you don’t want it to get wet during a thunderstorm and give everybody superpowers.”

Perhaps we look at leaving the roof off? I wouldn’t mind some superpowers.

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Jayden Collins
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