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Apple fans share same concern about new NameDrop iPhone feature
Featured Image Credit: Apple / M4OS Photos / Alamy Stock Photo

Apple fans share same concern about new NameDrop iPhone feature

The reaction to the new NameDrop feature is likely not what Apple was expecting...

Apple users are already mourning the loss of a particular trick after the tech company announced its new NameDrop feature.

On Monday (5 June), Apple announced its new iOS 17 software update and 'powerful' new privacy and security at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event.

There are a bunch of fun new updates for iPhone users coming soon, including tweaks to central apps like Messages, FaceTime and the Phone app.

One of the biggest talking points from the conference included a mind-blowing brand new AirDrop-related feature.

Apple has announced its new NameDrop feature.

With iOS 17, iPhone users will be able to use a feature called NameDrop, which has been touted as a potentially more convenient way of sharing content with another iPhone user that’s in the same location as you.

With NameDrop, two people need to bring their iPhones close together to share a file or photos with the other person automatically and if you use AirDrop already, this won’t sound too unfamiliar.

The update that has everyone talking, however, is that NameDrop will allow iPhone users to share contact information, like names, numbers and email addresses, between iPhones and an Apple Watch, as long as they are running the up-to-date software.

Apple has reveals its new privacy and security features.

This brings us to why so many iPhone users are slightly concerned about the new feature.

Countless people have been in awkward situations when they are asked for their digits and name but have opted to give a fake moniker and the number of a local takeaway instead.

Now, Apple customers are claiming that the new NameDrop feature will make this trick a thing of the past because people can simply ask to grab your details by using it.

One Twitter user said: “Apple just made it impossible to give out fake numbers. Mfs gon be like 'Naw you don’t have to tell me the number. Just NameDrop me'.”

Another wrote: “Omg now what if somebody ask for your phone number and they catch you when you lie.”

While a third Twitter user tweeted: “Apple are releasing NameDrop? Fam the days of giving out fake names and numbers is over.”

Some women have also expressed their concerns about seemingly being unable to avoid sending their real name and number to guys they may not necessarily want to.

iPhone users have shared their concerns about the NameDrop feature.

One Twitter user asked: "How do you NameDrop a fake number? Asking for all women."

Apple said in its press release about the new iOS 17 features that users can ‘also choose the specific contact details they want to share - and, importantly, what information they don’t want to share’ and emphasise that content is shared ‘securely’ and ‘over an encrypted connection’.

These new features are expected to be released this fall.

UNILAD has contacted Apple for comment.

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