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Android users are considering swapping to Apple ‘for first time’ after seeing impressive action mode
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@stalman / Olly Curtis/Future via Getty Images

Android users are considering swapping to Apple ‘for first time’ after seeing impressive action mode

The impressive action mode has left Android users considering switching over to Apple.

Last week marked the release of Apple's newest phone model, the iPhone 15, with millions flocking to Apple stores across the globe to pick up the new handset.

As is with every year, Tim Cook and co discussed some of the new features on the latest model, which was certainly dominated this year by the new iPhone being compatible with the far more universal USB-C cables thanks to new legislation enforced by the European Parliament.

The iPhone 15 also features a 48 megapixel camera, accompanying that with a rather impressive action mode.

A mode that is so impressive, that it's led to some Android users considering swapping to Apple 'for the first time'.

There is no questioning that once many have found the phone they like, whether that be an Apple or Android device, they often stick with that brand for the eternity of time.

Well, until that particular brand becomes less relevant at least.

No matter what new feature or gimmick the other side releases, they wouldn't dare switch other.

But it appears the action mode featured on the iPhone 15 model has led to some Android users questioning whether they should move allegiances.

The iPhone 15 released on Friday.

The feature was documented in a rather brilliant video by YouTuber and photographer Tyler Stalman, who reviewed the new iPhone 15 from a photographer's point of view.

In part of the 15-minute video, Stalman films a rather picturesque shot of some local landmarks, though it is all a bit shaky - certainly not ideal for that perfect shot.

However, after using action mode on iPhone 15, which is also available on iPhone 14 Pro, Stalman is able to get that perfect shot for all his photography needs.

But while the majority of us may not be photographers, we certainly want to snap the best pics when out and about on our travels.

The iPhone 15 review has gone viral in recent days, with many focused on the impressive action mode on social media.

The action mode is certainly impressive.

Many have flocked to X to give their thoughts, with one penning: "This is actually impressive. I might need to change my android for iPhone for the first time in my life."

A second added: "Worth buying the iPhone 15 now."

While a third remarked: " I can’t believe it came from an iPhone."

You can watch the full review from Tyler Stalman on YouTube.

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