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AI imagines the background behind famous memes and it’s scaring people

AI imagines the background behind famous memes and it’s scaring people

While most people love a good meme, one Redditor took it to a whole new level and extended the iconic images using AI.

As AI tech gets increasingly clever, the internet has been using it for some pretty strange purposes.

While most users have been generating art or alternative versions of their favourite franchises, some have used it to recreate their favourite memes.

Many of the internet’s best memes have had their backgrounds extended using Photoshop AI Generative Fill – leading to some scarily realistic results.

The AI images have been called 'uncanny' as they break the internet.
Reddit/ u/adesigne
Side Eye Chloe got the AI treatment.
Reddit/ u/adesigne

If you are wondering quite how the clever tech does, here’s a brief explanation.

Essentially, the software uses the original image and a lot of algorithms to essentially fill in the gaps surrounding the image.

One such example is Photoshop AI Generative Fill, which was used to create the new memes – according to the original poster of the images.

`Hide the Pain Harold also got an AI makeover.
Reddit/ u/adesigne

Later uploaded to Reddit in a thread about ChatGP, the new ten images have broken the internet as forum users react.

This includes the classic ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme, which has been extended to show the outfits worn by the trio as well as the surrounding cityscape.

Many Redditors were impressed by the realistic results of the AI photos, which had been created using Photoshop.

One even joked: “The day is near when in courts we have to prove the image is not made by AI.”

Was this what was going on when the woman yelled at a cat?
Reddit/ u/adesigne

Others agreed, with another adding that the images were just a little unsettling.

They wrote: “It feels like there’s an uncanny amount of imagination in these photos…so weird to think about. An AI having imagination.

"They come up with imagery that could make sense that most people wouldn’t even consider.”

However, others weren’t so impressed quickly pointing out that AI-generated images weren’t too dissimilar to what people had already imagined.

Not everyone has been impressed with the clever tech.
Reddit/ u/adesigne
The change my mind meme.
Reddit/ u/adesigne

Some also pointed out the flaws in the images, commenting how the girlfriend’s feet in the distracted boyfriend meme seemed to ‘morph into the road’.

Many also commented on one of the women’s overly long torsos, which was described as being ‘long as your avg kindergartener is tall...’ by a Redditor.

An AI pic of ‘Hide the pain Harold’ also came under similar criticism, with many users shocked how the software had imagined the lower half of his, um, anatomy.

“Harold also has no legs..” pointed out one commenter, whilst another joked that the elderly man had a ‘huge cake for compensation’.

One user then quipped: “Yes, but he has a massive, lumpy, bean-bag insect abdomen instead and it STILL looks great in khakis. You be you, Harold!”

Well, we are still pretty impressed.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ u/adesigne

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